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Why the Rich Don't Care About Jobs for the Rest of Us


Why the Rich Don't Care About Jobs for the Rest of Us

Paul Buchheit

Many of us wonder what possible reason could exist for the failure to invest in American infrastructure, to create millions of jobs as a result, and to help everyone in the long run. Analysis reveals personality traits and beliefs and misconceptions that might account for such behavior. Here's a look inside the billion-dollar brain:

1. It's All About Me


If the U.S. mainstream media was not owned and operated by the same 1% that purchases the politicians that drive policies favorable to their insatiable, greed-driven agendas, THIS fact would be stated often:

"The Safety Net costs us $370 Billion.

But Tax Avoidance costs us $2,200 Billion (tax expenditures, tax underpayments, tax havens, and corporate nonpayment). That’s $2.2 trillion, six times more than the safety net, most of it benefiting the wealthiest Americans."

However, since a Captured Media prefers to traffic in lies told often, bastards like Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Rick Scott, et al get away with murder… in slow motion.

From the article:

“Beneficiaries of low taxes and deregulation desperately want to believe that “trickle-down” works, or at least to convince middle America that it works. They want to believe, against all logic, that lower taxes mean more tax revenue.”

I don’t think the motivation rests on what these individuals want to believe. It’s what they can get away with… when wealth is directed to those least in need while suffering proliferates, then a CON of enormous proportions is underway. The cons have to lend a patina of legitimacy to what they’re doing, so they set up economic theories and pundits who advocate them. It’s the same strategy as parading 4-star generals as they LIE cases for war, or legal “scholars” who argue FOR torture, or corrupt scientists who argue that global warming is a myth.

Deception is currently in overdrive. Without balance governing the nation’s government, laws, would-be checks and balances, or mass media’s dominant and repeated often narratives… it becomes almost impossible to prove the degree of fraud let loose.


Oracle founder and CEO Larry Ellison’s quote that “its not enough for me to win, you must lose” confirms Buchhelt’s first bullet that “its all about me”.

Although other 1%ers may not publicly disclose their opinions like Ellison does, their actions confirm that they are no different than Ellison in this respect.


I was reading an article regarding the RAF and their upcoming purchase of F35 jets.

It has been concluded these aircraft are a great white elephant with costs continually escalating even as the deployment of the Aircraft delayed by more and more years. Since the UK has already invested billions of dollars co-developing this aircraft , they feel it not “cost effective” NOT to buy them.

In order to address costs they are going to buy fewer aircraft overall while spending even more then originally budgeted and make CUTS in other spending programs.Meanwhile the engines of all these aircraft are being pulled out and rebuilt because they will catch on fire.The Government of the United States of America is now estimating total costs to deploy these Aircraft at some 1 TRILLION dollars. This just a fraction of monies being spent on Military hardware.

Yet with all of these TRILLIONS wasted on planes that do not fly because "we have invested too much in developing them to abandon the project’ , the media focuses on “entitlements” and spending programs for the poor as the cause of a nations debt and as a threat to economic well being.

I can not accept ANY Political leader as being on the side of the Working class if they are not serious about cutting Military spending. I really do not care if that Military spending “creates jobs”. All that Military spending does is shift wealth to the already wealthy , those the Corporations that build 100 million dollar jets that can not fly.


The fewer jobs the more competition for them and the lower the salaries


"The Rich Don’t Care" should be the title. Gentrification of my neighborhood has allowed me to see first hand what I always knew, but tried to not accept: of all Socio-Economical Groups, the wealthy are the most self-centered, leaving them to be more rude, inconsiderate, snobby and cruel.


Just read Greg Mankiw’s Priciples of Economics text. Around 80% of all colleges and universities use it and it is full of neo liberalism propaganda. This “economics professor” was an economic adviser to Bush, the idiot and Mitt Romney. One of his Harvard classes walked out on him because of his propaganda.



Note, workers, were responsible for making all labor
saving devices (machines and robots)
yet these devices will replace workers forever.
Shouldn’t there be some compensation that the machines and their owners, pay back to the workers?

Think about this.
The tax code can change incentives. Tax codes are social engineering they encourage some things and discourage other things.

In many cases we raise taxes on things that we think are socially destructive (cigarettes and alcohol) and we remove taxes from things we think are good for society (churches and charitable organizations.) Jobs are good for society but we tax them and their employer heavily. We should try to remove all of the economic penalties (taxes) from labor.

Another point:
If a person does work, they and their employer pay several taxes.
If a machine does the work it pays none. When a machine does the work of 10 people then it and it’s owner could or should be taxed at
the same amount that 10 people would be taxed.
That would be fair . . . right?

With this system I don’t think we would be as lacking for jobs. If we have
enough “people jobs” available, then the discrepancy in income should
be less.
Just some thoughts.


Apparently, in Mr Buchheit’s world, all we have to do is turn nicer guys into CEOs and the world would be wonderful. As in it’s all about the individual and none about the system. Sure.
As if capitalism wasn’t responsible irrespective of the personality traits of the individuals involved in the one-way, short term, commodification of everything that this rapacious economic system requires. Enough of this kind of limited thinking, no matter in articles, comments or discussion.


Indeed, its against the rich’s self-interests to hire more employees just because their business is making more money. Its also against their self-interests to give the employees they do have a raise. Doing so would diminish their profit margin. The trickle down theory is a lie. What is in their self-interests is increasing that profit margin as much as is possible. We saw Jack Welch do that in the 80s when he was CEO of GE. He laid off thousands of people and the price of GE stocks soared. He made millions. None of the remaining employees got a raise; in fact, the amount of work they ended up having to do increased to make up for the work that the laid off poeple used to do. Nope, no trickle down there.


Anyone who works blue collar jobs for a weekly paycheck and votes republican is a fkn idiot.


I think you summed it all up… nicely…Thumbs up.


Easier for the 1% when they can portray the poor as being lazy and shiftless and a burden to their prosperity blah blah blah… its all the fault of them high and mighty poor mofkrs living the high life living the dream off of them food stamps and welfare checks…yes…you know…the welfare that has been cut to the bone and food stamps cut down lowest ever, and people being forced to buy what the GOP asholes say they can eat with said food stamps…Yes the asshole GOP butt wipes cant let anyone alone they got to be able to tell them poor welfare queens what they can eat and when they can eat it…Them at the top live good…and if by chance the government raised their taxes they would still be on top of the food chain living the dream…all their bullshit is lies.


So that’s the source of all the neoliberal propaganda spread by our “elite” Ivy League universities. Good to know. I always thought Dubya was a high-function moron, but maybe he is an idiot. Who keeps track at the low end of the IQ scale?


What’s this ‘we’ stuff? I don’t recall ever voting to cut taxes to the wealthy. Congress did that. And the guys and gals I voted for were not among 'em.