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Why the Russia Story Is a Minefield for Democrats and the Media


Why the Russia Story Is a Minefield for Democrats and the Media

Matt Taibbi

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper appeared on Meet the Press this past weekend to discuss the Trump-Russia scandal. Chuck Todd asked: Were there improper contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian officials?


Two comments here:

1) What else can the Democrats do? Its not like they have anything of value to offer the American people with regards to policies, programs, etc.
2) That people still rely on the main stream media (NYT, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, FOX) for "real" news mystifies me.


"Moreover, the case that the Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee now appears fairly solid."

Within the context of an article which repeatedly suggests that 'the case' is based on nothing but demagogy and wishful thinking this assertion makes no sense.
Memo to Matt: "On what evidence do you base this claim, which seems, after all very unlikely? If the Russian government had been looking for secrets embarrassing to Hillary DNC and Podesta emails would be very low on the list of things hacked. The really scandalous stuff is related to the Clinton Foundation and the State department's promotions of it. Or are you suggesting that the Russians were clever enough to realise that pissing off Bernie's supporters would be enough?


Trump was correct when he called the MSM: " the enemy of the people".




From what I've read (here and elsewhere) the case for hacking seems anything but solid; indeed, it seems more likely that the DNC info was leaked. It seems that even the critics of kneejerk Russophobia can't help but betray a bit of their own.


Stone/Guccifer Connection


Okay, the comments here on whether the Russian hacking case "now appears fairly solid" are spot on. "Even Trump thinks so" is uncharacteristically sloppy reasoning from Taibbi.

But Taibbi's main point is original and incisive: when the sound and fury over this signifieth nothing, Generalissimo Trump will be inoculated from further criticism.


The free press is one of the foundations of our democracy.

They may not be perfect, they may sometimes over-read situations, but they get a lot absolutely dead-on correct, and are freedoms depend on them to continue to have the freedom and resources to do that. The press HAS revealed an enormous amount of embarrassing material about President Trump, but he and his administration keep doing embarrassing (or dangerous) things that the press has a solemn duty to report. An independent analysis of Trump's public comments found over 60% of them to be partly to mostly false to pants-on-fire false. With the mainstream media (Fox excluded), that number would be under 10%. Trump sees the press as the enemy and is desperate to label them as the enemy because they keep catching him a) lying, b) exaggerating, c) not knowing what he is talking about.

Trump's victory was one of the smallest margins in US history but he bizarrely stood in front of a room full of reporters and tried claiming it was one of the largest. What is the press supposed to do--let him get away with lying out loud? His crowd was obviously much smaller than Obama--and by a wide and obvious margin--is the press supposed to sit there quietly and let him lie about that? He even claimed it didn't rain during his speech even though it obviously did. We've never had a major elected official who tells so many lies and exaggerates this much--no one from either party is even close. Our freedoms as Americans depend on a free press catching CEOs or elected officials of citizens whenever they tell consequential lies.


In addition to what Matt Taibbi includes in this piece is the Dem establishment dung-heads blaming Jill stein and the Greens for their/HRC's historic and well-deserved loss to the ginger pig and GOP extremist "conservatives" (must "conservatism" be so destructive to ordinary/at-risk/vulnerable people?).

Then there's the wiki Leaks CIA dump exposing further the implausibility and lack of, or potentially planted, "evidence" of supposed Russian "hacking" - so far only supported by the "trust us, we have evidence but won't produce it, and "we have high-confidence" it's true claims from agencies that lie for a living.

The DP establishment cabal of corporate/banker/wall street stooges and Clinton/Obama wing of corrupt collaborators (who still refuse to alter their agenda of stupidity, reform, or serve the people rather than themselves) will go to any lengths to divert attention from their predictable loss under the despised HRC to the equally despised trump!

Blame, divert attention, obfuscate, and try desperately to thwart the Sanders Wing reforms and progressive vision that will rally the people to defeat R'Con extremism & cruelty, fascist corporatism, war without end, and obscene greed!


billmoyers.com on Russia/Trump links

Farage-Assange-Trump (thread):


The media serves as the mouthpiece of the establishment. In this case, the establishment hates Trump, so the media is all over the new President. The establishment liked Obama, so for 4 years, they gave Obama a pass even when he was committing war crimes, drone killings, etc. The establishment, initially, liked Bush so they went so far as to promote (especially the NYT) his invasion of Iraq.

And we are to trust these people???

A Free Press WOULD be a foundation if we truly lived in a Democracy.


While this was quite good and clever mash up I take offense as cook and eater of good foods that good food and bad politicians/people are joined together.


Mea Culpa.......that name taken from a loathsome character in le Carre's "Smileys People".


And no one lied about sex so all is O.K.


I am sorry Karl but you are confused. Free press is about the right for any one to print and disseminate their speech. It says nothing about the current collection of rags that call themselves news. First they are not free. As a person who uses ad blocker I will not be able to read many major news outlets unless I drop the blocker and subject myself to the advertising that they profit from. As they profit by my turning off ad blocker where is my cut? All the major news outlets are after all corporations or extremely foul rich people. They do not put out news that is factual. They put out news that makes them money. Ever heard of click bait. Why is there such a thing?

Example of your free press is the everyday attack on Trump for lying. HRC and Clapper testified befor congress and most everyone knows full well they lied and in congress that is a crime. Where is your free press yelling as loud at Clapper and Clinton as they are at Trump.

Its always good to end a comment with humor. A joke as it were.


"Moreover, the case that the Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee now appears fairly solid.".

As of March 9th 2017, this is simply untrue.

And because Taibbi has posted this, I've now lost even more respect for him as a person, not simply a journalist.

His published opinion in Rolling Stone that Trump was "going down to inevitable defeat" made me reconsider my high opinion of Taibbi. Yes, I realize Taibbi acknowledged he was wrong about that claim. But this Russia hacked the DNC garbage puts him in a class with the xenophobia expressed by Nick Kristof of the New York Times' OpEd page.

I'm surprised that Common Dreams reposted this. Taibbi peace.


Emphyrio, there are some who are wondering if Putin is using WikiLeaks. Dismissing that idea out of hand is not smart. Chances are we will slowly learn more.


Sooooooo well said! You just saved me a reply! Exactly what I was going to say...thanks.


Speechless just nailed it! Please read his reply.