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Why the Shake-up at the Democratic National Committee Is Doomed


Why the Shake-up at the Democratic National Committee Is Doomed

Robert Reich

The shake-up at the Democratic National Committee after an embarrassing breach of its email system continued Tuesday with the departure of three senior officials.


Sorry Dr. Reich. Your credibility has been largely ruined for the time being by going back to supporting Hillary for the General election, betraying what you said about the establishment in the primary. If you had continued on to the logical conclusion of what you had been saying and endorsed the Green Party for the general election, then your credibility would stand. While I agree with your overall charge against the DNC, please break your ties with them and the Clintons until the party can be taken over by the left to be run for The People after November. #NeverHillary. Jill Stein 2016!


When the central ethic of a society is wealth and power seeking, it will always create wealth and power seeking institutions that become inexorable. Pointing to the need to control such institutions does little to offer how to control them. That their structures are impenetrable only shows the need for actual revolution to destroy them and start again.


With all due respect for Reich's hard work on behalf of Bernie, he has already come out for Hillary. It's hypocritical at this point to suggest that what's needed is "a third party, a third force, to pressure the Democratic Party to do what's right for America." There's still time to join forces with the Green Party. And an endorsement like Reich's might go a long way toward helping Stein's campaign. He's said as much, why not commit?


If he did as you say, I wonder what it would mean for his position at UC, if anything.


Except that Stein is not a viable candidate, and the Green Party still seems to think incestuous validation is preferable to real political activity. They have missed a huge opportunity, all because they are more interested in ideologues for candidates than people who actually have experience in public service. While I always find their platforms appealing, and the most progressive on the table, they rarely run candidates that have anything to offer other than dogma, and responsible voters know that actual experience in government, not just ideas about government, counts for a lot.


From the article: "the Democratic Party – into a grass-roots membership organization, with local and state chapters that play a meaningful role in selecting and supporting candidates"

The problem with this is that for the past two and a half decades that the party has been under the influence of the Clintons and the DLC, every effort has been made to centralize the party and to sever all semblance of 'grassroots' influence--- 'grassroots', now there's a term that has been so over-worked and stripped of any meaning beyond source of low dollar donations, preferably in increments of $27 or larger.
Over the years, party committees at the local level been allowed to vanish through attrition. There is no healthy, authentic, or viable means of accessing or influencing Democratic policy from the local 'grassroots' level---the fix is in, and the sooner folks understand the situation and abandon the this farce of a party the better.


While I appreciate much of Reich's work, especially providing explanations of how the economy is weighted to favor big money interests, his perspective, in the end, is that of the privileged meritocracy class - which is why it was so easy for him to switch his support to Clinton, using the fear-mongering about Trump as his excuse. With this as the backdrop, it is hard to pay much attention to anything Reich says anymore, even if it makes sense, because there's the taint of compromised integrity. I'll look to other sources for analyses of the DNC and the Party.


My hope is that Labor and Progressive Democrats will band together to take their party back from the Corporate Neo-liberals who run the DNC. But it's daunting to hear a Dem insider like Professor Reich tell us that the party is beyond help, and the only way for workers and progressives to impact government is to support a third party. That party would be the Greens, I suppose, but the Greenies have too small a tent -- mainly environmentalists. For the Greenies to become a national force they would have to woo in Labor, and I haven't seen them trying to do that yet. If the Greens could capture Labor Dems and Labor Independents they would have the same coalition that elected Jimmy Carter (i.e., the F.D.R. coalition minus the Southern Blue Dog segregationists). That's a party that is big enough to revolutionize American politics and perhaps save the world.


Mr. Reich you got the ball to the 5-yard line but then you fumbled it. The dead carcass of this establishment front should be kicked aside into the gutter, and then we all move on. You continue to write as though it will rise from the ashes and become a champion of the people. Too late for that.


"Incestuous validation?" That may have been true in the past, but I think, with more people gravitating toward third parties and away from the duopoly means more diversity of opinion. All parties have their ideologues. Stein seems capable of learning and admitting there's a need for more discussion about the political viability of the party ideology than even the Democrats. And while there may be a dearth of public service experience, the more people who show interest, the likelier that experience will emerge within the ranks. It always bothers me that people think these changes must take place instantly. While change is urgent, it takes time. I have no answers, just convictions.And getting enough people on board committed to a cause can turn conviction into an irrepressible force for change. Look what it did for Bernie.


I agree the DNC is a waste for the people and serves the rich, but that's one party.
What's needed is a third and fourth party that can't be shut out and silenced by the DNC or RNC.
Trying to change the DNC is a futile effort. They still haven't admitted to rigging the election. If the FEC was worth their salt, or the DOJ, the people that are quitting or getting fired would also be up on election fraud charges.
Because the Clinton Royalty is in charge it seems no one dare to mention the illegalities of what was deliberately done to undermine a sitting Senator's campaign for president. Bye-bye democracy.
The DNC is a symptom of the rot in our government and the turn toward oligarchy. It would get fixed automatically if there were not those that are above the law. That to me is the real problem.


Since its 1985 formation, the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) turned the Democratic Party into a billion dollar organization and no billion dollar organization has ever voluntarily jettisoned 90% of its revenue by going grassroots, or otherwise.

The DNC is addicted to corporate money and will continue to maintain what the DLC created unless a force beyond their control changes that. There is no 12 step program for corporate money addiction and no known medical cure.


I don't know who actually controls the presidential debates, but perhaps Reich should support the notion that they be open to all candidates polling above noise level. In this case that would be Clinton, Trump, Johnson and Stein. Let them all present their cases and let the American people determine the virtue of a third (and fourth) party. That should satisfy Reich's plea for another party to pressure the DNC as it would the RNC as well. Hopefully the Green Party will get the exposure it desperately needs.


As long as this is its [Hillary Clinton's] de facto mission, the DNC [Hillary Clinton] won’t ever be kindly disposed to a campaign financed by small donations – Bernie’s, or any others. Nor will it [Hillary Clinton] support campaign finance reform. Nor will it [Hillary Clinton] be an institutional [presidential] voice for average working people and the poor. It [Hillary Clinton] won’t want to eliminate superdelegates or support open primaries because these reforms would make Democratic candidates [Hillary Clinton] vulnerable to non-corporate interests." -R. Reich.

There, fixed it.


Symbolic actions are offered like human sacrifices. It follows the logic of tossing out those lowest on the military food chain. Remember... the "bad apples"? By eliminating those individuals the spotlight was taken off the real authors of the doctrines of Torture masqueraded as "Enhanced Interrogation" and such.

This is how the Power System based upon and borne of corruption sustains itself.

It's an old game and it's managed to work for centuries.

I'd like to see the Supreme Court Justices who instituted "Citizens United" impeached since they ultimately sold-out Democracy and with it, every institution designed to arguably answer to the public and citizens' needs (not the interests of the 1%, exclusively).


People tend to be specialists. An individual can prove exceedingly smart in one arena of life and not particularly savvy in another.

It is unfair to summarily dismiss Mr. Reich and try to denigrate his intelligence because he made a political calculation that you don't agree with.

Imagine if YOU were judged by that type of standard?

What makes sense is to discern: Utilize the data and wisdom presented by an individual and discount what you find politically disagreeable.


I'm keeping my eye on the Working Families Party. They could be the kind of force that could change the Democratic Party from within. To me, it would not make sense to support the Green Party candidate because the first rule of politics is to win. The Green Party will not win this November or for many Novembers to come. Hillary Clinton will be our next President, and we must be prepared to push her to adopt more populist positions.


There's obviously a huge void in politics today, one neither party seems able to fill. In fact, both parties are blinded by their own toxic "incestuousness." That's why there's hope for third parties. Once Stein's ideology attracts more attention, and I think it's getting it as we speak, the money and ideas will start to flow into the party. The more attention, the likelier the requisite experience will emerge. I don't think Bernie's campaign would have gained traction it did whether or not he'd run as a Democrat. I may be wrong. But he may as well have run as an independent. His ideas are what galvanized his followers. The DNC sure as hell didn't help. And I see only similarities and not differences between Stein's positions and Bernie's. What seems radical about third parties is that they challenge the establishment, calling it out for having utterly failed the people. And for this, they're discredited, marginalized, ignored, condemned for lese majesty. Trump has no experience, and yet he's the standard bearer of his party. And Clinton is promiscuously "incestuous," bedding every special interest that pays to play. People within and outside the system will provide the experience you claim is necessary to fill the void. Just a matter of time.


"Hopefully the Green Party will get the exposure it desperately needs."

Your statement represents the genuine crux of the issue.

Thus far, this thread has at least 3 people working assiduously to shred Mr. Reich's credibility and others speaking ill of the Green Party as if its weaknesses were ideological rather than structurally imposed.

Indeed, if debates were open and if their purpose was to truly educate the American People on the range of policy perspectives held by viable candidates, the Greens would see FAR more support.

But since the fix indeed is in, it's easier to blame the Greens (on false grounds: that they have weak platforms and unpopular policies) then to recognize the covert manner by which the Status Quo supports (and sustains) itself.

No Alterative is allowed!

It's a Catch-22: By making alternatives invisible or limiting the public's access to them, those who support the Establishment then argue that no one is interested in anything outside of the "allowed range" like the Greens.

The same type of strategy is used when entire urban communities are under-funded. Residents must then turn to a black market economy. Police and an entire "justice" system waits for the unlucky to fall into its pre-fabricated driftnets.

Similarly, when schools are not properly funded, a pretext is put into motion that these schools are "failing." Then, tarred with their low ratings, they are further defunded and a vicious cycle is put into motion.

The people who OWN so much may not be brilliant but their money buys the most brilliant of dark architects: those who know how to manipulate human beings' minds, control what they think is possible, and manage the system's logistics in ways that disable any alternatives to it.

All of this is understood from the get-go. Nothing about is accidental. And blaming the victim is its most utilized rationale.