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Why The U.S. War On ISIS Is Illegal


Why The U.S. War On ISIS Is Illegal

Brett Max Kaufman

The United States’ war with al-Qaida has gone on so long, and has metastasized into so many different uses of U.S. armed forces around the globe, that it may be surprising to learn that the federal courts have only addressed the legality of a very small piece of it.


Thank you ACLU !!!


Lots of great info, but we and Kaufman should look into those mouseholes as well, rather than imagine any shortage of elephants or donkeys in US foreign policy.

Without a magnifying glass, we ought to note that the US funded and abetted ISIS–$15bn US at one point, known, and more channeled through the Saudis. The five Middle Eastern nations that contributed large sums to the Clinton campaign in 2016 also contributed large sums to ISIS.

This is not a war against ISIS, at least not insofar as it is conducted by the USA and allies. That does not mean that they have not fired on ISIS, fired on the Syrian government, fired on civilians, fired one US-supported group against another, fired back and forth with Russian troops, and fired on other groups.

These are the policies that are called moderate and centrist, quite often here as well as in much other political discourse. I suppose it could refer to the center of Dante’s Hell.



And the other wars that the US is involved in are legal? Give me a break…