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Why the U.S. "Workshop" For Palestinians Will Fail

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/04/why-us-workshop-palestinians-will-fail

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…

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The Israeli long game of using settlements to normalize its thievery has been quite effective in the eyes of too many. What we are witnessing in the US is the troubling consequences of the normalization of bad behavior. As much of the world lurches to the right it becomes incumbent upon all good people to resist such tendencies and call out atrocities for what they are. Picture if you will Donald and Bibi in a not quite airtight bag each handcuffed to the other and tossed into the sea. OK, break’s over, time to get to work. The first task at hand shall be adding to that list. Bolsonaro, Duterte, …

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Which Democratic presidential candidate is doing that? Has Elizabeth Warren done it? Bernie Sanders? Joe Biden?

The “workshop” is another in a long line of potemkin initiatives designed to give the impression of doing something while knowing full well that the status quo – Israeli dominance and profit, Palestinian oppression and impoverishment – is the actual intended outcome.

I mean, damn, Mike Pompeo just said yesterday on the topic of Israel annexing the West Bank that the administration would weigh “what would be the best ways to achieve the outcomes that we think are in America and Israel’s best interests.”

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of course the Palestinian Arabs will understandably not accept a denial of their national aspirations but neither will the Palestinian Israelis. They both have to see a pathway to an acceptable deal where each gets their national state, but at this point neither seems ready to make the necessary compromises without which the Arabs there can’t improve their economy or get out from under all the restrictions, and the Jews there can’t get out from the constant threat of terror, rockets, and attacks.

The Israelis hold all the power. Their admitted plan of grabbing land is going well for them – they have no need to alter the status quo. Yet you claim it’s the Palestinians who need to compromise. Unreal.