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Why the United States Should Negotiate in Good Faith with North Korea


Why the United States Should Negotiate in Good Faith with North Korea

Michael Haas

The United States is technically still at war with North Korea. No peace agreement has been signed despite repeated requests from Pyongyang for high-level negotiations. Former presidents Carter and Clinton and other high-level officials have gone to the North and achieved negotiation successes, but no sitting president had done so. Now Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, new to the job, has declared that decades of negotiations have not served to normalize relations, clearly unaware that American obstinacy and tit-to-tat overreactions are the main culprits.


A much needed clear history of American-North Korean interactions over the past 20 or so years, something that the corporate media completely avoids in discussing North Korea's actions,
Putting things in context is anathema to the media, for that shows that North Korea has good cause for its defensive posture.
American leaders over the years seem willing to risk the lives of millions of people to prop up their power and macho images.


I agree, an excellent article and informative.

Jimmy Carter shows them some respect, and since then it's been steady downhill. Those controlling things sure like the use of war to achieve goals perverse.


There is not just any good reason, it's a really good reason : not having millions of people dying a miserable death from radiation sickness, or from famine due to nuclear winter making the soil unable to produce food crops enliving many sick and starving refugee.


They're called the Duopoly and yes, Death and Human Suffering is good for their business.

Spend the rest of your life with this in mind, and educate your friends, your family, and future generations that for us to regain some semblance of our former Democracy, we must purge our government of these Felonious Thieves of our Futures.

While their responsibility to represent us all equally has been of little importance to them, we must hold them accountable and find others who believe in personal integrity and honesty more than serving the interests of those with money.


A crucial aspect of the six-party talks was omitted from this article. At the time I was living in South Korea and spoke to many members of the team led by Christopher Hill (Chief negotiator for the U.S.) who told me privately that Christopher Hill had absolutely no room to negotiate because we was instructed not to negotiate until the North first agreed to complete and unconditional dismantling of their nuclear arsenal with American inspectors to verify it. Even the South Koreans were appalled at the absence of negotiating room that Hill was given. For example when the North asked Hill if they could count on food aid from South Korea if they immediately abandoned their nuclear program, Hill replied that he can't promise anything until the North first dismantle their program and that it is verified by the Americans. It was soon obvious to the Chinese, Russians, Japanese and the South Koreans that no del could be possibly reached due to the tight restrictions placed on Hill. The six-party talks were nothing more than a scam designed to feign an effort by the U.S. government to end the nuclear impasse.
Though the North Koreans came to the talks with the best of intentions, it soon became apparent that the Americans were not negotiating in good faith. This is an important detail in an otherwise excellent article.


Kim appears to like Dennis Rodman, perhaps the State Department could send him to NK for negotiations!


Let me get this straight....all of the problems with dealing with the psychotic Kim's are OUR fault? Whatever this guy is smoking I wish he would share it with me. :confused:


Excellent article full of facts and sense---Am only surprised that the writer says that Tillerson and others including Presidents "evidently forgot" about previous hopeful developments vis-a-vis NK. Of course they didn't---they threw progress out the window quite deliberately over and over again, to keep fear, war and profits going. After all, that's the "plan."