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Why the US Elected a Despot, and Why It's Poised To Do It Again


Quite right. I remember when What’s the Matter with Kansas’ author Thomas Frank published his essential article on Bill Clinton’s presidency, showing that even according to his own admirers Clinton’s five major ‘accomplishments’ were all right-wing policies, and in every case Clinton caused them to be passed in forms far more draconian or right-wing than even the GOP of the 1990s was looking to implement.

Frank was talking about NAFTA, of course, and Clinton’s crime and welfare bills; the austerity for the middle class of his balanced budgets, and the repeal of Glass-Steagle. Throw in his Telecom bill and you have just another Republican presidency, part of 38 years, now, of unbroken Republican rule at the top.

Obama even had the gall, after he left the Oval Office, to describe himself as a moderate '80s Republican. We haven’t had an authentic Democrat in the White House since before Reagan, and the death of the party of the middle class and working people, who controlled the House of Representatives for 56 of 60 years on that basis, is long, long gone.

It’s time to raise the dead, and it’s no time to settle for another Republican with a (D) after their name–since that’s exactly what made people so desperate they were willing to vote for a clown like Trump, largely on his unfulfilled promise to wreck the current system of corporate ownership of our politics.



Then there’s this: When I last went to vote, after I left the booth with its electronic scanner I was curious about transparency and i wanted to ensure my vote had registered and was counted.

The monitors were completely baffled by my request. Eventually, they decided that to get a receipt, I would have had to have asked for one prior to physically casting my ballot, which would then allow them to trigger some sort of process, maybe–but they weren’t remotely certain they had that right.

In short, they had no idea how to ascertain whether my vote had been counted, no idea how to generate a receipt, no idea whether there was a paper trail…

Small wonder we routinely come in last among the Western ‘democracies’ in the matter of electoral transparency. Small wonder the Carter Center for Electoral Integrity has said it would not monitor US elections on the ground that there is no possible way for them to verify the accuracy of our elections.



I do not think it was a coincidence that Michael Connel died in a plane crash shortly after being supoenaed to testfiy in court regarding vote fraud.



Agree with this–Acheson’s comment jumped out at me too. TrumPutin plays the populist card because that has been the right-wing strategy for at least 40 years: Blame it all on the “liberal elites” who first foisted “big gummint” on us back in the FDR days. How else to explain the popularity of a businessman who continually brags about being a billionaire but who really has their flyover interests at heart? When TrumPutin said he was going to “drain the swamp,” it was a dog whistle that meant that would make the predatory alligators he wanted for his Cabinet easier to spot. And don’t forget that “swamp” is really an acronym that stands for Straight White American Male Privilege.



Hi Toni,
*I do editing once in a while. When I’m proof-reading, I often find the wrong words (sound alikes) in a document. I’ve talked to a lot of people and find that many of them turn on the correction function, and they turn it to automatic, so they don’t even know if they’ve spelled something wrong. Some use Dragon (A great dictation program), but I would never set it to auto-correct because you would never know if it heard you wrong. (There is a difference between axis and axes.)
*If you use a word processor, or a dictation program, let it light a suspected error, then you get to change it.
*I’m reading a fascinating book right now. The author is a scholar with lots of degrees and several books under his belt, but I have to grit my teeth several times a page because he uses virtually no tenses and occasionally a wrong word. You have to stop and reread the sentence or paragraph to make sure you understood it. I’m not trying to be a Sioux Rose, here, just trying to point out that our modern communications can cause problems, if you are not watching for them, and pick your words carefully, especially when describing something where the action may be fast, or sharply varied. And let your WP identify errors, but you fix it. Otherwise, your readers might find you just carving your stake when without warning the vampire hunter drove a sharpened steak into your heart. G’nite!

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AMEN! My dad was a journalism and English teacher, and he ruled my brother and me with a club over our heads. If I learned nothing else, I learned to proofread and to do it carefully. Lol…Grampa lives on because all my kids are strict grammarians who’ve made their kids’ lives hell!

What’s the book you’re reading? You remind me about Warrior Princess, the bio of the Navy SEAL transgender woman. By the time I finished her book, I was gnashing my teeth and was ready to pillory her editor or publisher.

What’s become of Sioux Rose??



I just Googled her. Looks like she is pretty busy. Astrologer, writer, lecturer, etc.
*I may have bum-rapped the author I mentioned. I re-read it and it dawned on me that English is not his first language, possibly not his second, either. It is a good book, on various systems to improve memory.
*I know how I’d feel if I tried to write in tweet. “lmfao whn this guy starts yelling and this yum yum pops up and tells him to stfu…” Nah, I’ll never be able to write tweet. I’ll stick to English, it’s my first tongue.



Thanks, Steve. Glad to hear she’s ok.
What is that book?
I just read a push on my phone by two CNN reporters whom I can’t name because the article fell off the screen. I don’t know how to retrieve those articles. Anyway, the point is that they were talking about Dump, Mueller, or Barr…and said “between he and __________.” I threw the phone down in disgust.



I think it was one of my children who said something like this, but I hear it on television all the time as well: “We asked Bob to come to the game with Jim and I.” When I mentioned that “Jim and I” wasn’t used that way, I was told “It’s polite.”

When I was young my mother told me that it was “polite” to always put yourself last when referring to yourself and another at the same time, as in “Jim and I are going to the game.” This kid decided that it was polite to use “I” incorrectly as long as it was polite, I guess.

I used to watch American Pickers on History. It’s constant. They both say, interchangeably, things like “We took him on a pick with Frank and I,” and “Me and Mike both like to pick that place.”

You’d think there’d be someone around the set with an eighth grade education…

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Yeah, thanks for that story which just made me grimace more. There are so many dragons to fight these days, and maybe this issue is petty? I dunno. When Perot and whoever else won on all the standardized testing crap, I saw teaching English grammar and syntax fly out the window. I fantasize about approaching state boards of education to beg them to reinstate sentence diagramming. More fantasy: administer a pre-test to the dopes sitting on those boards and ask them to trade tests and grade with an answer key. :frowning: Fighting Fascism takes priority right now.

Still, it rankles when I hear school teachers and journalism people screw up the “King’s English.”