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Why the US Owns the Rise of Islamic State and the Syria Disaster


Why the US Owns the Rise of Islamic State and the Syria Disaster

Gareth Porter

Pundits and politicians are already looking for a convenient explanation for the twin Middle East disasters of the rise of Islamic State and the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria. The genuine answer is politically unpalatable, because the primary cause of both calamities is U.S. war and covert operations in the Middle East, followed by the abdication of U.S. power and responsibility for Syria policy to Saudi Arabia and other Sunni allies.


With Bernie against whoever else, I feel like I did prior to McGovern vs Nixon. A leap forward or a fall back into a deep dark hole.


Thank you, Mr. Porter, for telling the truth about the military industrial complex acting in ITS own interests:

"Although it has been almost a rigid rule that pundits must ascribe U.S. fealty to its Saudi alliance to oil interests, oil is far from the top of the list of U.S interests today. More important to our national security state is the interest of the Pentagon and the military services to protect the military bases they have in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE. Their need to preserve those alliance relationships is intensified by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) cornucopia of military contracts for U.S. arms manufacturers that assures enormous profits will continue to flow for the foreseeable future. One estimate of the total at stake for the Pentagon and its private allies in military relationships with the GCC is $100 billion to $150 billion over two decades."


As Mr Porter knows full well the proposal to destabilise Syria was first mooted in the policy paper 'CLEAN BREAK' which also suggested getting rid of Saddam and Ghaddaffi to destabilise their respective countries and finally smashing Iran. CLEAN BREAK was authored by advisers to netanyahu in 1996 who after 9/11 were parachuted into the bush government to put CLEAN BREAK into effect and hey presto Saddam and Ghaddaffi have gone leaving Iraq and Libya in ruins ... Syria's lights have gone out and chaos reigns ... the zionist press has prepared the way for a mossad false flag after the us elections to which the us will make a military response thereby paving the way for a greater Israel with no military opposition from its neighbours.

You knew all that Mr Porter ..shame on you for being part of the controlled opposition.


I throw up my hands in despair. What a bunch of bloody fools run the USA. We Brits did Empire far better.................


Bernie's actually less of a pacifist than McGovern.


Bernie is no McGovern--Bernie is a Zionist.


Aren't they all? Who do you suggest we vote for that actually has a chance of winning?


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