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Why the US Pushes an Illlusory Syrian Peace Process


Why the US Pushes an Illlusory Syrian Peace Process

The anti-Assad coalition led by the United States continues to stagger toward the supposed objective of beginning peace negotiations between the Syrian government and what has now been blessed as the politically acceptable “opposition”. The first such meeting was scheduled for 1 January, but no one on either side believes for a moment that any such negotiations are going to happen any time in the foreseeable future.


Watching the Syria tragedy over the last several years, it is clear that our policy was regime change. Assad must go was pretty explicit. The tenacity of the Syrian Government under Assad and the entrance of Russia , together with the behavior of the radical Islamists sent us scrambling for a new policy, one that looked like we were not abandoning the old one.

There is no real evidence that the US and it allies have never abandoned regime change but events have forced them reconsider how it is to occur. We have not condemned the Saudi and the other oil sheiks nor Turkey for their support of the tragedy.

The only thing that has changed is that Russia has not only intervened but has articulated a rational policy of letting the people decide and Assad cannot be removed if the people want to keep him. Russia's approach extends to creating the old borders of Syria, at least a hundred years old and that means crushing the dreams of the Kurds for a Kurdistan and other dreams like splitting off some more of Syria by the Saudis.

I hope Russia's vision prevails simply because it offers a better chance of ordinary people in Syria returning to their homes and returning a more normal, peaceful existence.


Our foreign policy elites argue that Assad is a human rights abuser and must go. But under cover of noble words, they support regime change of the most violent kind. Russia argues rightly that the destruction of the Syrian state would be a disaster for the Syrian population. Team Obama has failed us again.


Whenever a mouthpiece of the US government talks about entering or starting a conflict for 'humanitarian' considerations, trust that his/her words are a well-constructed lie.


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Nice turn of phrase, Mr. Porter: Public optics... I like it!

"The obvious implication of these facts is that the ostensible push for a ceasefire and peace negotiations is a useful device for managing the political optics associated with Syria during the administration’s final year."


Your entire post is an apologia for the Deep State, MIC and covert groups like the Project for a New American Century.

This is not "our" policy. It is a policy enacted by the Military-Industrial complex, purchased politicians and the deep pockets that determine foreign, as well as domestic policy.

The idea that it sent "us scrambling," as if the term us--which should define the military and the powers that grant it its various missions--signifies the same us that could arguably be reflected in the entire body politic is the language of a full-scale military state.

Until such time as Democracy is officially retired... military apologists like YOU do not get to speak for citizens like ME. And there are millions of US!

"Our policy was regime change..." not unless YOU are part of the Project for a New American Century.

I am tired of this passive form of manufacturing consent.

Ask people what they REALLY feel and stop asserting OUR opinions, morals, and decisions for us!


jesus h christ, for the love of all that is rational, shut the hell up for five minutes.


For us to delay a negotiated cease-fire or settlement for even one day so that we can continue to angle toward our goal that'Assad must go' is immoral and evil. People are suffering from what we have done to accomplish that goal, which I believe is an illegal declaration in the first place. We broke it, we don't want it fixed, and our allies are those who are willing to smash it to smithereens. Russia must hold strong for the sake of the Syrian people.


Former Michigan governor and Hillary surrogate Jennifer Grantholm, talking about the latest dust up in the primary campaign over voter information, described Hillary's foreign policy goals ( in tonight's debate ) to be in alignment with " our Sunni partners in the region. " Yikes!!! Say no more, Jennifer. This MENA fustercluck of American Empire's doing isn't changing one iota, methinks. We are heading for another major Neo-Con derailment of our economy, et al, in a hell bound train conducted by insane religious fanatics and their worse sidekicks. No one should be surprised by this given the first 15 years of the 21st Century. Cowboy up, Team America! Yippie I ow kiyah. And, bombs away.


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