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Why the Verizon Worker's Victory is A Big Deal


Why the Verizon Worker's Victory is A Big Deal

Sarah Jaffe

Friday, May 27, the six-and-a-half-week Verizon strike came to an end with a tentative contract agreement.


Great job and a solid victory. Hmmm I wonder. Do you think Verizon was feeling the Berne?


Your observations are precisely why the mainstream media gave so little attention to this strike, DrewHunkins. The media and their oligarch owners don't want us to know that unions can empower workers.


Just a point to Verizon workers and all the workers who are, by default, assigned to become an extension of Verizon predator practices: I am not feeling this "victory". The elephant in the room is the "two-edged" sword. Workers are just as predatory as their Corporate caretaker. This fact is unspoken because the consumer ultimately gets the short end of the stick through predatory practices, seemingly, gleefully administered by the employees. So this is the unfortunate and unspoken consequences of a diabolical pact between the workers and Verizon with the threaded theme for screwing the consumer. Historically this has been the case at Verizon. So, really the real push for change should be a consumer boycott against Verizon and its partners (the workers) in consumer fraud. On the backs of consumers both the owners and its workers are free to plummet public trust. It all passes down to the consumer, as always.