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Why the Vice Presidential Debate Matters


Why the Vice Presidential Debate Matters

Joel K. Goldstein

This year’s campaign, even more than most, has focused on the two people at the top of the major-party tickets. Even more than many recent vice-presidential candidates, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) and Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN) must feel like the forgotten men of this campaign. They travel, they fundraise, they defend their ticket partners and attack the other presidential candidate, yet former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump dominate the news.


Well here's another reason it matters ...

"Democracy Now! ... is going to insert Ajamu Baraka directly into the debate! He’ll be able to take on Kaine and Pence in real-time!
Plus this will broadcast over Free Speech TV, Link TV, as well as live streaming available directly on our website. We will freeze the feed to give Ajamu time to answer the same questions posed to the two corporate party candidates during the actual debate."

Tonight at 9PM


I'm really excited with the thought of hearing Ajamu Baraka express his ideas during this debate, not that this blog is of any use to get there.


Did Goldstein really write, "Moreover, today’s debate tradition offers the candidates more exposure than was the case when they were consigned to campaign stops in backwater towns and covered only on newspaper back pages?"

Today's debate tradition? More exposure? Really?
And that explains why Stein and Johnson relegated to the political Siberia to which they've been consigned?
Jesus Christ---to quote the sage Tommy Lasorda after Kingman's big day.


The world will change so much in four years no one will remember 45.

the senate and house is what matters.
If not for Portland and Seattle, much of the PNW would not go with common sense policies.

The rest of the country must do its share.


Seattle is subject to Washington's blanket primary system that assures corporate Democrat Senator Murray is forever re-elected until she decides to take a $2 million lobbying job on K Street. Sanders did much better in the primary in many of Washington's rural counties than he did in Seattle.

Moving away after living there for a quarter century, I can assure you that 21st century Seattle is more neoliberal than progressive.


Goldstein sez: "Cheney’s role was exaggerated, but he clearly was influential."

Interesting take. I always felt The Dick's role was misunderestimated.