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Why the Washington Post’s Attack on Bernie Sanders is Bunk


Why the Washington Post’s Attack on Bernie Sanders is Bunk

Robert Reich

The Washington Post just ran an attack on Bernie Sanders that distorts not only what he’s saying and seeking but also the basic choices that lie before the nation. Sanders, writes the Post’s David Fahrenthold, “is not just a big-spending liberal. And his agenda is not just about money. It’s also about control.”


To the framers cozied up with a Captured Media go the narratives.

Thank you, Mr. Reich for pointing out the true, fair, and would-be obvious were PR specialists in packaged lies not granted primacy over truth tellers across print, radio, and TV media:

"The real choice isn’t between government and the “market.” It’s between a system responsive to the needs of most Americans, or one more responsive to the demands of the super-rich, big business, and Wall Street – whose economic and political power have grown dramatically over the last three decades.

"This is why the logic of Sanders’s ideas depends on the political changes he seeks. Fahrenthold says a President Sanders couldn’t get any of his ideas implemented anyway because Congress would reject them. But if Bernie Sanders is elected president, American politics will have been altered, reducing the moneyed interests’ chokehold over the public agenda."

Just as the Koch Brothers influence what's taught in college Economics courses, you can bet your bippy that Monsanto influences college departments hypothetically devoted to science, biology, and agriculture.


Who is David A. Fahrenthold? Here's The Real Story of David A. Fahrenthold and the mysterious Russian mafia and wheel chairs. Apparently, in this case Fahrenthold was determined to have his facts even if they are not, more bunk.


I read Farenthold's article. Total right wing attack. It should have been in the opinion section instead of foisted off as an actual news story.. Bernie must have the billionaires sweating blood. Unfortunately they have been known to do anything to anyone when they feel their power and position is threatened. I wouldn't be surprised if an assassination attempt is in Bernie's future...ostensibly perpetrated by a lone, anti-socialist gunman. At least that's what they'll claim.


Reich asks: "Why should anyone suppose these for-profit corporate giants will be less “controlling” than government?"

This is one of the central unspoken (on one side of the axiom) axioms of the Ayn Randian right-wing ideology that permeates dominant corporatist media:

  • Corporations are not predatory self-interested entities, but are tools for the natural expression of popular democracy in the consumer marketplace;

  • Governments are not tools for the expression of the democratic will of the people, but are parasitic demons whose natural operation destroys popular democracy in the consumer marketplace (and everywhere else).

Then the predatory self-interested corporations pour their fullest efforts into ensuring that governments ARE thoroughly corrupted, thus justifying the "natural liberty" of the corporatist paradigm.


Fahrenthold is applying the same strategy that the corporate media used during the 70s and 80s to demonize Ralph Nader onto the sidelines.

$15 trillion for a decade of single payer is a bargain by any metric, especially when you consider that (based on a Congressional Budget office report) the US Congress, from 2008-2011, put US taxpayers on the hook for $16 trillion to bail out the Wall Street Banks that caused the 2008 meltdown.


Thank you for sharing that link. I am a WP subscriber and was really disgusted by that piece of nonsense.


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wow. wapo sinks further down even employing this sicko.


This guy calls himself a journalist? I guess if making up your own story is journalism that makes him one.


I think the 1% will deny Bernie the democratic nomination so he probably does not have to worry about what happened to JFK.


I read the link. The only thing good one can say about this farenthold is that he an arsehole that learned how to write.


David F. is just another hired assassin for the 1% doing his job. The lies and mis-characterizations he spews aren't even original. Bernie is starting to worry the elite, he has to be stopped. In his case, if it takes murder that's ok to. Trump on the other side will be allowed to live, but will be shuffled to the sidelines one way or another.


Incredible ! The man has to be a plant by the Koch bros or other scions of the 1% , put there to soften us up for the elimination of the physically challenged (in order to do that, they must first be demonised) as well as the abolition of NASA (what do the rich need space exploration for now that they've got their panopticon satellites in orbit ?) .
Back in the early Reagan years , a WaPo reporter did a story on an 8-year-old heroin addict in Washington ,D.C., that turned out be entirely fabricated . Not only did the Post halt her series on the subject midway through , they fired her . The whole thing became a national scandal that resounded for years . In the pre-fascist America of the time , the right wing self-righteously proclaimed that this was the sort of politically motivated deceit you could expect the left to get up to . Now that the shoe is on the other foot , their silence is deafening . And their inaction speaks louder than their words could !


The fact that the Washington Post did not fire Fahrenthold in response to Mark E. Smith's article exposing Fahrenthold's incompetence, tells us all we need to know about the Washington Post.


Does your duplicitous idiocy know no bounds?


Could David Farenthold be a relative of Congressman Blake Farenthold of TX? That would explain a lot.


Can you present a cogent argument to justify pretending that free tuition isn't a huge benefit to students?


Room and board?

You figure there aren't students who work their way through school and are paying rent anyway, or students who attend while still living with their parents?

You figure any student would agree with you that not paying tuition doesn't help them?

You're totally off the rails here and all because you want to attack Sanders education plan.


Sander;s popular backing varies directly with the size of the corporate media opposing him.


What world are you in? Here is a breakdown of costs at the University of Illinois, Champagin-Urbana for one year:

Cost of Attendance In-state: $30,336 Out-of-state: $45,496
Tuition and Fees In-state: $15,626 Out-of-state: $30,786
Room and Board $11,010
Books and Supplies $1,200
Other Expenses $2,500

Your telling these pages that a drop in costs of $15K is insignificant.

Or Southern Illinois University:

Cost of Attendance In-state: $26,669 Out-of-state: $39,922
Tuition and Fees In-state: $13,137 Out-of-state: $26,390
Room and Board $9,996
Books and Supplies $1,100
Other Expenses $2,436