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Why the West May Miss the Taliban’s Mullah Omar


Why the West May Miss the Taliban’s Mullah Omar

Adam Johnson

Reports on Tuesday that reclusive Taliban leader Mullah Omar had died will be rightly hailed by some as the demise of an American nemesis. But the death of the one-eyed Afghan commander may also scuttle the most promising peace talks in Afghanistan in a decade.


“Pressure from China, the Pakistani military’s most important ally,
appears to have played a central role, according to Barnett Rubin, a
former senior State Department official and expert on Afghanistan.
Chinese officials increasingly see militancy in the region as a threat
to Beijing’s plans for economic growth and political stability in
western China, which borders both Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

A telling comment. China wants Afghanistan’s mineral wealth as much as anyone else.


…and all of this only cost the american tax payer SEVERAL TRILLION DOLLARS,the LARGEST DEFICIT in recorded history,several thousand american deaths and hundreds of thousands of Afghan casualties while Haliburton and other members of the M.I.C. banked billions of our dollars. oh well, the mall is open late tonite…