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Why 'There Are No Acceptable Rerouting Options' for Dakota Access


Why 'There Are No Acceptable Rerouting Options' for Dakota Access

Gyasi Ross

As many of you witnessed, the State of North Dakota is getting more violent in its treatment of the Water Protectors on the Standing Rock Reservation. Peace officers are spraying streams of pepper spray in the faces of unarmed, peaceful demonstrators for doing nothing threatening at all other than being Native and vocal.


Because Dakota Bakkan oil and gas is otherwise planned to be shipped via old man Warren Buffett's BNSF railroad lines west past trackside towns, alongside the Columbia River to new West Coast export terminals and then across the Pacific Ocean, some new route for the DAPL with least impact to cherished tribal lands should be supportable. The safest way to transport these fossil fuels to our nation's coasts and world markets is south via pipeline through Oklahoma to Gulf refineries, incidentally reducing demand for off-shore drilling where spillover is dumped into that WATER, out of sight, out of mind.

The real question to ask then is Why do oil company construction crews with approval of State and Federal agency public servants choose to violate tribal rights and abuse natural areas, when THEY KNOW that alternate routes are possible and safer. The answer appears to be RACISM, ELITISM and GREED.


There seems to be general agreement that transporting oil by pipeline is safer than transporting it by train. So there is a strong argument for finishing this pipeline. Surely there is no completely risk-free route. As long as transporting oil goes on there will always be risks. So the goal should be to minimize the risk.This would seem to mean that the pipeline should be constructed to the highest standards and the route should avoid the most critical environmental areas and the areas that would be riskiest for humans. Pipelines as well as electrical transmission lines are often rerouted. Probably the best hope now is that the Army Corps of Engineers can find a better route for this pipeline.


I find an increasingly visceral sense of the real extent to which the good ole' exponential function of eschewing actual [but "externalized"] impacts is related to the massive, mind boggling scale of industrial monopoly. The 'mono' everything destruction of diversity is rendered emblematic in the stand being made by the Water Protectors for their and ultimately everyone's rights.

Its no secret that for centuries major industries have "bought out" and shelved patents and innovations because they 'would threaten' MARKET SHARE. Talk about identification with a demonic deity! Thats not a 'free market', its a sieve masquerading as a bucket. This bozo bonzo scheme institutionalized and inflated as the latest greatest 'trade deals' are more holes and voids than anything else.

I ask myself why this model usurps over 50% of discretionary expenditure for its sub culture [subsidiary -TM) of deadly weaponry and the only conclusion I can reach is that it has been dead for so long that all it really recognizes is that very thread of death. Oh yes, there is sub-lethal weaponry, the sort that is used in a derivatives variation of death; of the mobile concentration camp perimeter model that takes its death-dealing into the sphere of time itself.

Kill all that lives ever so slowly first by denial of rights, then propagandize (I mean invest in advertising, chemically saturate, criminalize by dint of force, humiliate to try to force what and who it does not want down to its own level; scorn any alternative; throw tons of money into construction forcing a stage that is so advanced, also denying due process and consultation, that it can then claim that it has invested too much to stop now.. The latter is a common practice that needs to be stripped down for all to see and put a halt to.

The coup de grâce: the investors/ stock holders are the keepers of the crypt; the CEOs the morticians; ethics, sustainability, clean water and biological diversity nothing more than something from which to extract - because THAT is all that the deity of this cabal recognizes as it lurches blindly over the edge. It'd be comic if it weren't so tragic


When Obama makes a statement to "let it play out" and for more weeks, he is saying to give the DAPL time to finish building the pipeline. This is unconscionable.

No pipelines anywhere--keep the filthy stuff in the ground!


“There are no acceptable rerouting options, there is only one solution: stop this pipeline.”

100% - well said - and it makes sense - entirely.

I feel the exact same way about the newly approved Pacific NorthWest LNG Pipeline in Canada, across the Rockies to tidewater right beside the Skeena River by Prince Rupert - absolutely prime wild salmon nursery grounds.

My God but we are stupid - maybe too stupid to live.

But no - one must fight back - against all odds - against despair.

Hang in there Gyasi Ross and company.


This is the fascist imperialist amerikan ruling class against the People, and Mother Earth!
Madre Tierra is where We must be! Join Her!


Ultimately our system of governance has been perverted to support industry to the detriment of people instead of the other way around. We need transportation options that use renewable energy. The only way to move in that direction is to demand a carbon tax. Who in their right mind would demand a new tax on ourselves? I would have to say this question is unfinished and should go on to add: under the current set of laws that benefit corporations in treating them as people.

The corporate person is undead, having been allowed to exist in perpetuity (that means forever), despite the fact that they can't actually succumb to the poisons they release into the environment! Watch out, next thing they'll try to gain the right to vote, probably in proportion to the number of personnel on the payroll to boot!


Right on for Indian Country Today. The place is upstream from Fort Thompson, where, in 1863, about 300 men, women, and children died from starvation, disease and exposure following their forced removal from Minnesota. Crow Creek, at the site, was known for its poor water.


Can oil be transported by rail more safely than has been the practice up to now? Most assuredly although doing so will cut into the profits.

It is better that oil be transported by rail because in doing so it is visible and because it will be easier politically to reduce the transportation of oil. Oil transport by rail is a more flexible system, and we can demand that improved safety regulations be implemented. Slower speeds, safer tankers, more frequent and thorough track inspections and maintenance, stricter safety standards where water supplies and people are being put at risk, and so on. And when there are accidents they can be investigated as thoroughly as aviation accidents are and changes can be mandated to reduce the risk.

On the other hand it is far more difficult to mandate changes to reduce the risk of accidents with pipelines because once the lines are built the equipment is very difficult and exceedingly expensive to change. We know that the leaks will occur. We know that water is far more precious and important to us than oil. The oil industry makes the profits and we bear the risks. Mostly we will not know that an underground leak is occurring until we see the mostly irreversible damage that will remain long after the oil industries short-term profits have been taken.

For the oil industry "out of sight, out of mind" is the key feature of pipeline transportation, for them this is a definite advantage of the method over the far more visible transportation of oil by rail. For us citizens it is better that the transportation of oil be visible. Rail accidents are sudden but occur above ground where the spills and accidents are visible. Pipeline leaks are largely hidden underground and can occur over extended periods of time with serious and permanent damage to aquifers occurring long before we are aware of the leak.

A pipeline once built is a faut acompli and it is almost certain that the flow of oil through it will continue unthrottled until the profits end. Unlike with rail transport there is no other cargo to compete for use of the infrastructure. Under a capitalist system it will be close to impossible to stop or slow the flow of oil through the pipeline until a major and horribly painful disaster occurs. Even then dynamite and sabotage may be needed to force the flow of oil to be shut off. For many reasons it is far better for the oil interests that a pipeline be built, but I do not see the pipeline as being better for anyone else.


No. Shipping by rail is more dangerous...and you've missed the point. It's not just a question of whose backyard should be sacrificed for the INEVITABLE shipping of fossil fuels...this is the junkie view, "I don't care about the long term I must have my fix now." The reality is that leakage intoi the Missouri River is only one of the harms the DAPL would do--we have to GET OFF FOSSIL FUELS. Leakage into the rivers may poison the veins of Mother Earth, but burning the stuff, anywhere, chokes her lungs--she is developing a fever as a result and this fever will kill off the offending organism if we don't wake up.


They will never do that, Don--the whole point of elections is to keep the human people placid, by giving us the illusion of democracy. The corporate "persons" don't need to vote when they can get "our" representatives to push through arrangements like TPP that give them veto power over human Congresses and Parliaments.


No place to reroute a pipeline. No place to throw away our "waste." We're up against hard limits in the development of our consciousness as a species.

What other species has been confronted with the need to consciously limit its own grasp? To decide that just because it can (appropriate more territory, secure more resources for itself), doesn't mean it should, or will? From whom were we supposed to learn these unusual skills?

We are not really stupid, simply incredibly challenged at this time in our evolution. Compassion, and trust in the greater movement of life, are the only medicines that make sense in relation to our current agonizing situation.

I'm glad to hear others here speaking to, and from, the wise heart. Alafia to each and every one trying to hold that sweet flame in the midst of a planetary shitstorm.


Thank you, brother. Please know that there are lots of others like me who have been praying and protecting the water for a long time praying with you now.

We already know that water is life, and we're all one in the water. To endanger, insult or harm water anywhere is to harm ourselves and everyone.

We know that we are all on the front lines. Indeed what is happening around Standing Rock now can happen anywhere, any moment.

So, from locations where we currently enjoy a little more breathing room from the harshest manifestations of human depravity, we send breath, smudge, songs, prayers to you on the ground in ND.

We may not have $ to send, but we can and do send our ancestors to bow to and encourage yours. We call our ancestors to add their presence to the vast Spirit presence already walking with you there.

We know Creator is not a dream. We know all this--including the terror, despair and long-frustrated desire for justice--IS Creator's dream.

We ARE the ones we've been waiting for. And our time is now.


Just watched "Before the Flood", free, on youtube (one and a half hour documentary just released from National Geographic, with Leonardo DeCapprio):

Totally honest - an honorable man - my take on Leonardo.

My amateur specialty is climate change, paleoclimatology, the history of life...

I highly recommend this documentary - not just to learn about climate change, because that is very hard, and I think it would be naive to expect an education in 90 minutes, but because of the coming together of very disparate members of the human race in a common cause, each bringing his or her own baggage and learning to the fore.

Leonardo's final address to the Paris Climate Conference makes the point crystal, that he has been able to understand in the most important sense - the predicament we find ourselves all in.

'Give me a place to stand' - an old expression.

Perhaps that place is at Standing Rock ?

One can hope it is, at the least.

PS: What is the meaning of the word Alafia?


Before the end of this year, I will finally have solar panels on my roof. YaY!
The only reason for me not to buy an electric car is that my mileage is so little
these days, that I might as well keep my current car. My current passions concern [1]promoting single payer--I'll be calling this wkend for ColoradoYES;
[2]promoting peace,not war--I've joined CodePINK & advocate w/Win W/O War, Pace e Bene, and other peace' promoters;
[3]in connection w promoting peace, I'll be advocating wherever to transform patriarchaql
thinking into promoting women in all areas--to transform our culture into a matriarchal one.


There is NO comprise, NO middle ground, and NO surrender, when it comes to saving our Sacred Mother Earth!


Alafia roughly translates as "peace and blessings."


I used to carry the classic protest sign "Question internal combustion," but after questioning came to believe, for instance, plug-in hybrid EVs have more potential to reduce fuel/energy consumption than all-battery EVs. Mass transit has the potential to likewise use less fuel. Passenger-rail uses less fuel than driving and flying, but railroad companies won't allow Amtrak to reach world-class standards. For as long as I've been an advocate for mass transit (and transit-oriented development), it's been my goal to find solutions. In other words, it's not enough to protest what we shouldn't do. We have to find and then support solutions. Just saying "Leave it in the ground" will be ignored. Saying, "Here's what we can do instead," just might get the attention of the powers-that-be who can take steps to reverse course.


Thanks (from North of the border).