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Why These Missile Strikes Won’t Make Things Better for the Syrian People

Why These Missile Strikes Won’t Make Things Better for the Syrian People

Stephen Zunes

The U.S. bombing of Syria’s Al Shayrat air base has brought more death and destruction to that country and is unlikely to deter additional war crimes by the Syrian regime. It will not ease the suffering of the Syrian people.

But then it wasn’t actually meant to.

Of course they won’t make things better – how could they? When have missile strikes ever made anything better?


This article is poorly researched and woefully credulous! The author speaks of Sarin gas but there is no evidence of that. We do not even know if the Assad regime was involved in the chemical (chlorine?) warfare deaths. Not to defend Assad but the regime and the Russians say a bomb hit a rebel chemical warfare depot which released the chemicals.

This whole Trump attacks incident seems very like a media construct and more careful minds would do better to avoid a rush to publish before proof or facts are established.


Prof. Zunes seems to be unaware of the controversey over who was responsible for the gas attack. Ironically, some of the best analysis of what has been going on is by a former Army Colonel and aide to Secretary Powell. See below from TRNN.

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So, the answer to the mass-slaughter of civilians is to slaughter more civilians? Great job!

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I was never under the impression this was to help the Syrian people. We might have helped them if we had never funded and armed the “friendly” terrorists. I notice the more we do things in the Middle East the stronger ISIS becomes. I figure they are the ‘enemy’ we have created. We are not at all concerned with the Syrian people, just like our leaders are not concerned with the U.S. people, except Wall Street and the MIC, of course.

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But you do defend Assad and putin. It is not necessary to defend them in order to oppose US bombings. I know the general argument is any such action by Assad & Co. requires our military response. Implicit in the Assad and putin didn’t do it argument is acceptance of our bombing if they did.

This is really shameful. The United States government is continuing with what it’s been doing for more than half a century; meddling in other countries affairs and toppling or attempting to topple foreign governments that don’t tally up with United States’ interests. Acting like the top cop of the world and killing and maiming innocent people abroad won’t do us any good, much less the Syrians or any other people in the world.


What dubious is the rush to accept that Assad must have done it and the cowardice of even those who criticize the US action to question the mainstream narrative.


Because it’s one thing to say that the US shouldn’t have done this.

It’s another to question if the US is being tricked to work for regime change.