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Why These Parents and Grandparents are 'Fasting for the Future'


Why These Parents and Grandparents are 'Fasting for the Future'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Upwards of 30 parents and grandparents are fasting outside Washington Gov. Jay Inslee's office this week, calling for a stronger and more ambitious Clean Air Rule ahead of a Thursday evening hearing on the issue.


This morning I received three very refreshing email messages from the Democratic Party complaining that "grassroots Democrats are not stepping up to donate money" to Clinton's campaign.

Hopefully the children of the fasting parents and grandparents will support Green party candidate Jill Stein and continue to resist the Democrats' Pied Pipers. The Green Party is the only party that will advance the cause that these folks are fasting for.


I notice that the reporters failed to note that fasting is an extremely beneficial health practice when one knows how to do it, and it is highly possible that some if not all of these people are already practicing fasting regularly and for the first 4 weeks this is not going to be a big sacrifice for them but rather a huge benefit.


In doing so I assume that their hope is that they will attract the attention of our "leaders." The reason I've put leaders in QUOTES is that they've provided little in the way of leadership up to this point, and are unlikely to provide any now. Sad--but true!