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Why They Love Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/02/why-they-love-trump


“What binds Trump’s extremely rich and economically struggling supporters together are their cynical beliefs about the motives of others.”

Dang, the litany that open the article is a like conceptual ‘shooting the rapids’. That might be a good metaphor for the cited diversity of our brethren in response:
“… the white, black, brown and yellow, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and atheist working stiffs and families around the world who are in a position similar to you as rightwing repressive governments stay in power by keeping them divided…”

C’mon folks, fashion a paddle and let’s get coordinated!


IMHO, Singer is describing only Tweetle-Dumb’s most ardent supporters – those tens of thousands who show up at his rallies – and NOT the majority of those millions who voted for him in 2016.  What about those working-class voters who took a chance on Trump in 2016 because of the failure of the Damnoc­Rats to stand up for them in 1992 and 1993 and in 2009 and 2010?  Singer’s article reeks of the same palpable arrogance exuded by Hilliary Clinton in 2007-08 and 2015-16 that turned so many against her - or at least away from her - and which gives Trump’s current railing and wailing about the ‘Deep State’ just enough possibility of being based on truth that he may survive impeachment. Trump may even win reëlection next year if, as seems fairly certain, the DNC continues to saddle us with the fool’s errand of choosing between the (claimed to be) lesser of two great evils and the middle class remains justifiably skeptical of a return to the slowly downward spiraling “status quo” of the Clinton and O’Bummer presi­duncies.


Popular leaders are nearly always loved for their brand, not their substance. Obama and Trump both exemplify this. Their support is 100% emotional and 0% wonky.

Brand Trump is a tough guy persona with followers who take great pride in Trump getting away with serial lies each day as he keeps his boot heel on the necks of progressives, environmentalists, minorities and others who Trump’s followers disdain solely because those followers have never taken responsibility for anything, ever, just like Trump…nothing is their fault…everything is somebody else’s fault.

There is nothing Trump could do to lose these followers’ support…they are with him until they breathe their last…the pain of them losing face would be more than they could ever endure.


I agree. Let Trump have his loyal base who turn up at his rallies to cheer him on, no matter what he does or says. These people have proven themselves immune to logic and truth, many times over. They’ll vote for him regardless of who the Democrats run, even if the Democrats dig up and run John Wayne.

The 2020 election will be won by giving those desperate enough to vote for Trump in 2016 a genuine alternative and by giving the 44% of the voters who didn’t bother to vote in 2016 a reason to get out and vote. Another warmed over, worn out version of Clinton or Obama ain’t going to cut it. Joe Biden guarantees everyone stays home and watches TV.


Here’s an ancient Chinese thought image from the I Ching to bend the propaganda around:

Whatever greatness exhausts itself upon, this much is certain: it loses its home

The wind and waffle being exhausted on “great” … . “again” IS in fact the end of a centuries-long and perhaps longer - cycle that, like the name imposed on human beings “consumer”, knows only the slippery slopes in the mirror world it is so desperately scrambling to pretend has substance.
We LIVE the actual substance every day of our lives, in our families, communities, in our local markets… and list goes on embracing EVERY aspect of life. I am damn sick and tired of these imbeciles barfing up their internal confusions and claiming its reality. Make them irrelevant; embrace the clarity and humility of necessity with which coherence thrives. As this cycle vomits through its death rattles, our task is to settle into being clear as a bell, united in the midwifery of the diversity of the new world coming through the birth canal of this splendid planet.

We as human beings are - at the moment - wandering, trying to get our bearings. Our t ask is to sojourn together rather than wander helplessly.


“What binds Trump’s extremely rich and economically struggling supporters together are their cynical beliefs about the motives of others. They think everyone else is out to steal what is rightfully theirs… and that “liberals” have an unrealistic view of human nature, which permits them to welcome refugees and undocumented immigrants and to help Blacks and the undeserving who only want to grab away what they have. Get advantage for yourself; protect what you have; use the government to promote your personal business interest.”

These are the feelings and beliefs of people afflicted by malignant narcissism, the combination of narcissistic personality disorder and anti-social personality disorder. Trump was elected to reflect at the most powerful levels of the US oligopoly, the disease most people in the US have, and that the society and its institutions are formed by, and to protect. Their feeling that people are out to get what they have is projecting their own feelings onto scapegoated groups.

If we want to fix what’s wrong with the country we have to recognize it as an emotional disorder and address it appropriately.


I just read the NYT feature https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/11/02/us/politics/trump-twitter-disinformation.html?action=click&module=Top%20Stories&pgtype=Homepage on Trump’s twitter use. An eye-opener–especially since I don’t use Twitter.

This is what “they” love. They feel a symbiotic response with him and his twitter gossip circle, as he steamrolls advisors and creates policy on the fly. They voted for fast, unmediated action, and that’s what he gives them. They will stay loyal to Trump and every Trumpist thereafter so long as Twitter tweets.

After all, why read 1400 word analyses when 140 characters can get you juiced?

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The genuine alternative will be someone who is not likely to appoint a Goldman Sachs executive as Treasury Secretary.


Nicely said.

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“Which side are you on?” Indeed. As Howard Zinn famously said, “You can’t be neutral on a moving train.”


Trump supporters are a fragmented bunch but he holds them together by fulfilling the needs or desires of each component. His money supporters the filthy rich love the tax breaks and his destruction of regulations that “harm” their greedy interests. The angry white men love Trump for being a white supremacist, tearing the hated government apart, smashing rules, making them feel great again and Trump being a role model for expressing their repressed blood lust and sexual desires. The tearing apart of Roe vs Wade, building the wall, privatizing the commons, assault rifles on demand, and getting Jesus and his moral teachings out of the way—all add to his support of 40 to 45 % of the voting public. And if people perceive unemployment is down, stock market and business is good, he may just be re-elected, unless Republicans throw him under the bus to bring Pence on board.

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What I struggle with understanding is how Trump, who is so self-evidently incompetent, morally repulsive, and biased in favor of the rich, holds onto his support among the white working-class and religious voters who attend his rallies and cheer hysterically for their hero.

It’s no mystery. Trump pwns the libs. To wrap your head around this, you have to understand how thoroughly reviled liberalism (neoliberalism, really) has become. Not only have Republicans been making it a four-letter word since 1968, but liberalism itself has failed to project a vision of a better world, much less proven itself capable of leading us.

Jacobin Magazine put it best.

Diminished horizons, lowered expectations, and doing more with less — this is the twenty-first-century liberal program for the toiling masses. In other words, it’s a continuation of liberalism’s forty-year program of austerity, a result of its total abandonment of the trade union movement. A decent living, a home of your own, and a comfy retirement — a meager share in our society’s immense collective wealth — are all long-abandoned promises. Now, apparently, so is having kids.

More and more, liberalism finds itself unable to imagine any way out of the hell of life on the margins in 2018. Instead, they’ve begun to see their role as something like moral sentinels: piously observing and managing the collapse. It’s a liberal-left that no longer believes it can change the world and instead, in the words of Adolph Reed, finds its most important mission in simply “bearing witness to suffering.” They either believe a mass political challenge to capital and climate collapse is impossible, or simply undesirable. Either way, their answer is the same — not a revived labor movement but a new moralism of austerity and self-sacrifice.

I hope we see genuine liberals start to run and challenge the Pelosi-style Democrats.

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There is a segment of the republican party that find shysters to their liking. Generally found heavy among used car salesmen. Sad that a certain segment of our population loves to fall suckered.

Yes , yes. In deed what side are you on?.

Many of my relatives love Trump and when I ask them respectfully why? This is what I hear: 1. Trump is not a politician. 2. He is doing an excellent job on the economy. 3. Trump speaks my language. 4… Trump has kept his promises and is making America great again…

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What really concerns me is the effect of Trump upon public education and, more importantly, our students. Each day, they are exposed to a president who models hate, contempt and greed. What message does this send to our youngest students and to those new to our country?

So tired of hearing “Why are they voting against their own interests?” It usually comes from the same bunch that wants you to fall in line behind the corporate Dem that’s been anointed by the machine. The one who doesn’t like the Green New Deal, or M4A, or ending any of our endless wars. Talk about voting against your interests! Shouldn’t a livable planet be everyone’s top interest? The science says the next president will be the last one with a chance of preventing the worst, but only if there is a response that is proportional to the threat. Supporting any candidate that doesn’t fully commit is not just “voting against your interests”, it’s voting for suicide!