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Why This Impeachment Skeptic Changed His Mind

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/13/why-impeachment-skeptic-changed-his-mind

I watched the first two witnesses testify and then get questioned today.

There are two big reasons that Trump will remain in office after this impeachment.

First, the crimes committed are too difficult for the average American to understand or care about – especially with the Republicans blowing smoke to obscure them.

Second, and related to the above: Republicans have nothing to fear from their base and little to fear from Independents on this matter. Stay loyal to Trump and the base will love you, muddy the waters with nonsense and the Independents will lose interest in business as usual.

A final note: I’m as guilty as anyone around here of bringing in background information to illustrate how badly tainted our system is in the largest sense with bipartisan fingertips all over the corruption. In the case of this impeachment, Cold War era geopolitical wrangling and crony capitalism form an unsavory background. But the focus of the impeachment – the Trump/Rudy shadow foreign policy designed to help get Trump re-elected by smearing an opponent is what we should be talking about while these hearings are under way. As a CD article points out today: It’s bad enough that foreign governments can influence the hell out of our elected officials and public opinion through think tanks, lobbyists, etc. This direct asking for or extorting political favors is something I’d want investigated and prosecuted no matter who did it.

From the article:

“…behavior… becomes clearly impeachable when the advantage sought is to one’s own reelection.”

Yes - and this principle should be applied to every Republican in every state legislature that gerrymandered legislative districts to ‘advantage their own reelection’.

Then do the Democrats.
(Then the Greens will win!)

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This is a rather bizarre argument for a coup from a lawyer.

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As one Independent who is not losing interest, I speak for myself.

Don’t underestimate Trump’s base to not know what they need to do when you find a rotten apple in a larger basket of apples.

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“While that dynamic will determine whether Trump will be removed from office, it doesn’t tell us whether he should be.”

No Mr. Hirsch, the constitution does. Scary you teach law at Williams College, and don’t know this already. For the sake of your students and our country, please read it.


From my perspective the Ukraine thing is the least of his crimes. I’m puzzeled as to why it became THE cause that finally brought Nancy along.


Hirsch’s thesis that voters should take care of the problem is laughably naive in today’s American “democracy,” where a largely illiterate population is easily duped or robbed of making their “choice.” A democracy REQUIRES that the voters be educated people and that they cannot be forced into one direction or another based on the fear of losing their jobs, family, sanity. The American system is rigged, pure and simple. A large percentage of the population are poorly educated, and forced to live from paycheck to paycheck, in an extremely violent society, where nobody can afford to stand up and demand a change. Letting “voters” decide is just a joke in America.


I’ve been duped for years. All those judges running unopposed! I’m supposed to read up on them and decide? Really??

I still think it’s better for voters to vote from their gut than their heads. Hey, the last time I voted for a Republican was Nixon in 1972–and I thought I was using my head!

My gut’s been good to me. (Ya want a picture?)

How naive is this guy? Or more likely, he’s a propagandist to bring along skeptical progressives.

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Pelosi said it today-----republican talking points----watching CBS Morning news they reported that this staffer who heard Trump was the first time hearing Trump. Sorry but Trump made a phone call----this is why he is implicated??? The people making this complicated is the MEDIA!!!-----how could ANYONE push the idea that Trump was “fighting corruption”. Do you know who loves this —all those wrestle mania types out there who think winning is all that counts.

The day Trump stood on the White House lawn and invited foreign influence into this country he violated his oath of office.

It is or was very important that the Democrats lay out clear and simple reasons for impeaching Trump. These should be understandable, reasonable and acceptable by the common person not a lawyer or PHd. There are many reasons to impeach Trump but I feel he has subverted the laws designed to protect the american public and put people into executive positions who are totally opposed to the laws the agency they are running is designed to carry out. This is direct and accountable harm to all americans. If the Trump appointed head of the EPA is intentionally failing to carry out the laws and objectives of that department and Trump conspired in this - well that’s clear and enough for me. How many people need to get cancer before we realize this is not good?

Yes, If voting for POTUS really made a difference in America…it would be illegal.

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