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Why This Progressive Texan Can't Get Excited About Beto O'Rourke


Why This Progressive Texan Can't Get Excited About Beto O'Rourke

Elizabeth Bruenig

If only the electric chill in the air were an augur of fast-approaching holidays and not the static generated by so many Democratic 2020 presidential hopefuls jockeying for the attention of party leaders and donors. Alas, with 2019 less than a month away, 2020 has already begun, and with it the fashioning of fresh new faces for the Democratic ticket.


Thanks for this. This real journalist, though young, can actually see beyond the TweetShitStorm and see things for what they are. Hopefully she will soon be urging progressives to get out of the Dim wing of the Duopoly altogether before it deforms them too.


Might I point out to the author that the Beto wing of the d-party calls the shots.

Witness the Problem Solvers gaining concessions from Pelosi already, while still playing hardball with her nomination as Speaker. Meanwhile, AO-C is in Pelosi’s corner and meekly accepting the status quo bullying from Blue Dogs.

MFA, free college, a living wage, a New Green Deal…If you’re counting on the d-party to unify behind those initiatives, you’re dreaming.


It sounds like O’Rourke’s views are pretty compatible with the majority of Democratic voters so he could have a good chance. Someone from the minority progressive wing could win the nomination but it will be an uphill battle. Whomever the nominee is will need to put together Obama coalition to win handily in the general election. There seems to be about two dozen possible candidates at this point so I would expect numerous articles on these people going forward.


If people want MFA, free college, etc they should think about moving to NYS. There is already free college and a $15 minimum wage and there would seem to be good chance MFA will be passed in the coming legislative session. I don’t think a New Green Deal will be coming but the state is a leader in solar initiatives and off shore wind looks like it will be coming soon.


Its Easy:

                  BERNIE SANDERS    2020


Well, Beto isn’t a good choice for POTUS, just on his resume. He’s one of about 30 wannabes who appear to be running for VP, though. That’s fine.
The Democratic Governors have administrative and executive branch skills, which are essential. The Senators have contacts inside, procedural acumen and domestic policy and foreign policy experience in The Swamp. This is also a mandatory baseline in governing as a Democratic POTUS.
So, right away we’re going to have a hybrid type of arrangement concerning the ticket. Then, we’ll have to balance all the other things which come up running a coalition and diverse party.
It’s early in the process: Democratic loyalists would be wise to take some time and focus on " ready, aim and fire " in that exact order.
If this party goes off half-cocked and chases the shiny object Obama turned out to be, they’ll have shot 75-85 million supporters in the foot, and maybe through the heart. That’sanotsogood, btw.


No New Yorkers in 2020. They ‘effin’ need to learn from 2016, when we got The 1%er Deplorables, to choose from. Look what that has wrought.
No and Hell No!!!


Good article. I agree.

Interestingly, I’ve heard some powerful Dem Party folk near me pushing the idea of Oprah for President. I suppose they are adopting - If you can bet them join them - thinking.


Beto O’Rourke was the Number 2 recipient of oil & gas $$$:
Oil & Gas: Top Recipients | OpenSecrets

He was one of 78 Democrats to weaken a key Wall St. regulation:
78 Democrats Vote to Weaken a Key Wall Street Regulation

We need another corporate president like we need more earth-destroying fossil fuel burning and more omnicidal nuclear weapons, which is EXACTLY what most RethugliKKKans and most DemoCraps believe.

Corporate government is LITERALLY killing all life on earth.


Seriously do you live in a cave or just like being a wrong-a-haulic ?
An August poll done by Reuters shows 70% of all voters support MFA, with 84.5% of dem voters in support.



Thank you for this column.

The endless fawning over the DNC’s latest reactionary militarist, disguised as a “progressive”, has been nothing less than nauseating.

Read up on BOR’s statements on Amerika’s endless wars, and understand that this man is nothing more than another dangerous Neocon in Democratic clothing.


By advertising itself as progressive and operating as neoliberal and neoconservative, the Democratic Party has hollowed itself out over decades.

The party has not advertised itself to young neoconservatives in a mass way because this would effectively counter its election-year pretenses. And it has failed young progressives so persistently that their ranks within the party are thin. Some sort of succession has begun, but there’s still quite a gap between a newcomer who has yet to show a record, like Ocasio-Cortez, and someone like Bernie Sanders, who appears almost as a last remnant of an old political faction that we once called liberals.

In the midst of this, it seems to me that we need take care with the question of authenticity. There is every motive for the conservative warhorses of the Democratic right to produce another Trojan horse, as they did with Barack Obama, to allow them to defer again questions of peace, single-payer healthcare, income inequality, and ecological responsibility.

There will surely be a considerable tendency for many to flock to false idols, to pretend populists, just because the field of viable candidates has been left so scant that after the astounding fiasco of 2016 we have people still talking about runs by Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in 2020–because “Well, who else?”

I suppose I will be out somewhere on the wings again in 2020. But a lot of us used to vote Democrat pretty routinely, pretty nearly every election. Looking back, it does not seem to me that it took a whole lot of progressive or liberal or egalitarian action to keep us doing that, though I suppose it might take a bit more to get people started again.

It is interesting that the prospect of more complete hierarchical control has become so alluring that so broad a base has come to be of such little interest to politicians.


But he played in a band…


And he skate boards! :smirk:


It is nice to see someone so young who clearly recognizes a right winger in left wing clothing. The author is right to dismiss ‘Beto’ and probably already understands that the Democratic Party is the biggest obstacle to Progressive reform within the Party.


Of course, I supported Beto against the bottom-crawler Cruz…but your reasons add to my concerns about the kid running for president. I need to see real commitment to getting us out of wars and out of other countries’ affairs. El Paso is a big military city…and has several refineries, too.

If I’m going for something shiny, it’s to put it out by the food I give crows…


The system is rigged in favor of right wingers, the Big Money recipients. Politicians could barely survive without big bribes.

Don’t we get tired of incessant emails asking for a few bucks to help leftist politicians?

Why then don’t left politicians introduce bills to get the money and revolving doors out of politics and unrig the system?