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Why Trump Can Lie and No One Seems to Care



Trump's has overwhelmed the media fact checkers with all his lies. It has reached the point that they can no longer keep up with deluge of lies. Trump's supporters don't care about the lies. They may figure someone like him could deal better with Putin than a president who tries be truthful at all times. Or as long as Trump appears to be on the side of the racists he will get their support. Or they might hope he can bring back a factory job for them and that is all they care about. But Trump's constant lies should help galvanize Democrats to strongly support their nominee and to vote on election day. Clearly Trump is unfit for the highest office in the land. His constant lying is only one of several reasons for reaching this conclusion. This obvious conclusion should help generate a tremendous amount of energy to support whomever is running against him as a Democrat.


Hillary doesn't even have a passing familiarity with the truth and the MSM cheers her on. She lied about Benghazi, she lied about her vote on AUMF, she refuses to release her speech transcripts.

If you're gonna bring up Trumps lies then you need to bring up the whoppers of Killary as well.


So essentially you are saying to go with the person whose rate of false statements is about one out of every three.


The final sentence/paragraph in Gabler's article applies to those who voted for the last five Presidents (Raygun through Obama) as much as it applies to Trump.


I completely agree...


This would be just funny if it weren't also dishonest and pathetic. What politician DOESN'T lie? After 8 years of Obama's lies and a campaign full of Hillary's lies, why single out Trump? Was Trump behind "WMDs" -- the lie that destroyed the lives of millions? Was Trump behind the invasion of Libya to "free" the poor Libyan people? Was Trump behind the lies about Russia's "aggression" against NATO (even though it's NATO that is moving closer and closer to Russia's borders)? The neoliberals must be getting desperate and worried that Hillary will not make it to the WH.


Trump is an entertainer and he sees this race as a reality TV series. However, I am not certain if Hillary is possibly worst then he is, considering she had a hand in the Libya crime of ousting a sitting president and countless other hawkish policies put forth in the past two decades. Trump may lie but Hillary is right behind him.


Cool when the adage, "You learn something every day" comes true.

This is a very interesting tidbit... and here I thought all the crap was due to Karl Rove, Frank Luntz, and Edward Bernays:

"Thus did gossip leap the tracks from Hollywood and Broadway to Washington. In this, Winchell’s approach was a precursor of modern election coverage. He was obsessed with letting readers in on what was going to happen — the clairvoyance of rumor — rather than with what was happening or what it actually meant. That is, he was a horse-race handicapper long before horse-race coverage became the dominant form of political journalism."


Trump as both an entertainer AND a billionaire is one of the club.

That's why he gets a pass. It's not like the MSM didn't stop to argue, berate, undermine, and challenge Sanders' plans for Universal Health care.

"but the fact that he (Trump) could throw out wild schemes involving trillions of dollars without the media feeling the need to vet them means that primary voters had no way to understand his tax plan and see its flaws. Of course, from the MSM’s perspective, analyzing a plan would be tackling policy, not providing entertainment. And make no mistake, the candidate and the mainstream media are in the entertainment business."


Never let facts get in the way of a good story is Hollywood's and the MSM's mantra.


Dear Andrew Boston --

I say the title of the piece; went to comments without reading farther, intending to reply, "Why Clintons can lie and no one seems to care"; saw your post right off; posted this reply to you instead.


Spot on.

Thank you.



And to this question / headline from the Washington Post --

"Even supporters agree: Clinton has weaknesses as a candidate. What can she do?"

This posted reply:

She can go away, remain silent, and watch the election returns in Trump v. Sanders


Has Trump told a lie that stupid? I don't know. Maybe that's part of "why he can lie and no one seems to care"


Why Trump Can Lie and No One Seems to Care

Perhaps the electorate has finally come to grips with the fact that the two-party presidential candidates are a pack of liars (with rare exceptions), and have decided the biggest liar should win. Time will only tell if it is Clinton or Trump.

In this whole campaign, I can't recall one thing Clinton has said that caused my ears to prick to a truth. Trump at least nails the truth from time to time.


The people I talk to who support Trump don't know their #$%*% from a hole in the ground. They say things like "He's a good businessman. We need a savvy businessman to bring our government under control." The folks who support Clinton say things like "She's got the experience." Basically, I am seeing ignorance on an epic scale added to a sort of apathetic indifference.


Maybe the same reason that Hitler lied and no one in Nazi Germany seemed to care.


Make America ethically relativistic again!


You can bank on this: Trump will protect his wealth, at your expense if necessary!