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Why Trump Can’t Learn: An Educated Guess by a Veteran Teacher

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/16/why-trump-cant-learn-educated-guess-veteran-teacher


Maybe he’s just stupid. I spent 25 years teaching, 3rd, 4th, and 6th. Master’s in Reading and Education, at 72 a life-long learner in many areas. Educator, writer, inventor. I would love to see the bios of Trump’s teachers, from first to last.


As a reading specialist and former English teacher, I agree with you. I’ve thought all along that Donald Trump is dyslexic. He shows all the signs, even the subtle ones. At the time Trump’s education was in the most formative years, this problem was just beginning to be “treated” as a learning disability requiring help ( even though it was first recognized in the late nineteenth century). I have a brother around Trump’s age who struggled with reading so badly that he enlisted during the Viet Nam war rather than go on to college as our parents wanted. He was an adult before he was actually recognized as dyslexic. In elementary school he got unnecessary glasses because it was thought to be his eyesight, as had been believed to “cause” dyslexia for most of the first half of the twentieth century.


Trump is not dyslexic. He’s an ignorant, self-involved fool.


Spouse’s close friend is a teacher at a private school for the dyslexic and other learning disabilities. She has said this since Trump took office.


A dyslexia of the mind

And soul

(And he didn’t “find” that “lucrative role in television”

The corporate media he professes to despise found and promoted him, fully aware of his corrupt and vicious nature.

How’s that for “#Resistance”?)


He can’t learn because he doesn’t want to. And why doesn’t he want to? Because he thinks he knows all and is right about everything. It is narcissism and sociopathy that defines him, not dyslexia. He is simply a filthy, ugly, disgusting human being.


Not sure I understand the point of this article, and have been teaching for 20+ years at a top US university. Trump is simply an ignorant, and arrogant being. I fail to see the relevance of weather is he dyslexic or not. He is not only very poorly educated in learned knowledge, but also extremely poorly educated in human values. But what is new here??? The issue is, and has always been, that he is not the problem. The problem is a system that produces a president (and a multi millionaire) of a person like him.


An inspired guess, I’d say. Thank you!

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BS of an excuse. The late Nelson Rockefeller was s noted dyslexic. But he wss able to learn well enough to go far in governing.
Trump is more like a Josef Stalin, whom nobody could reason with & who was a disaster for his nation.


Bang on. Much more important then removing a guy like Trump for office is fixing a system that allowed him to become the President of the United States of America.

We are talking after all of one person that is a disaster as compared to an entire system that is a disaster.

It is very much a “not seeing the forest for the trees” sort of thing.


Might it be both dyslexia and narcissism?


Honestly, it would be hard to find an idea more insulting to people who have learning disabilities or simply different learning styles.

The link here is to a Donald Trump interview with Rona Barrett in 1980. It is pure fluff and painful nonsense. just as one would surely expect from either of the particulars, and it is an obvious softball interview for the Donald. to the extent that one wonders who might have been paying for it. And it does not show any special brilliance.

However, what it does show is a person who creates typical noun-verb-noun and occasionally multiclausular sentences, more or less just like the rest of us. He is also trying overhard to appear thoughtful and intelligent and polite and considerate, but he does also look pretty much just like other people who are making such an attempt.

No, Trump’s current delivery is a professional persona developed over years of personality-based marketing, talkshow nonsense, and professional wrestling appearances. Maybe there’s a psychiatric diagnosis that ought to follow from that, but it seems far more likely to be psychopath or sociopath, right along with the other politicians.

Not for the weak of stomach:


I disagree- I don’t think he genuinely believes he “knows everything”.
I think he’s constantly haunted by the feeling that everyone is smarter than he is- his overbearing bloviation stems from a massive inferiority complex. It clearly doesn’t spring from any sort of CONFIDENCE; he’s amazingly defensive about almost everything.


Yes, and with a HUGE dose of assholiness, cruelty, and outright evil!

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You’re right, bardamu, I had a visceral reaction to the interview! One reason was the “man” talk regarding the presidency.
Even back then, Trump wanted to “make America great again,” when everyone knew their places in a racist, misogynist society where heartless white men with zero morals ruled the land.

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He’s both.

And an asshole first and foremost,being a millionaire at Avery early age contributed greatly towards how he felt himself better than everyone and thing, remember he is the chosen one!

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Explains SO much.

But…but. he’s the chosen one, with the best words, and he’s like a smart guy,…just ask him…

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