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Why Trump Can’t Learn: An Educated Guess by a Veteran Teacher

Oh, please. I’m sure there are a plethora of reasons why Trump “won’t” learn, but I’ve known too many kids with learning disabilities (raised a couple myself) to accept this as an excuse for “can’t.”


Dyslexia or not, like many who watch FoxNews for hours each day, Trump is “learning disabled”:

Thanks for posting the link. Not surprisingly, Fox’s response is to attack Fairleigh Dickinson University rather than address the charges, although the media watchdog group Media Matters for America notes that Fox News executive Brian Lewis is an FDU graduate and also teaches there too. Interestingly, MMA was founded by David Brock, a former right-wing hit man (e.g., calling Anita Hill “a little bit slutty and a little bit nutty”) turned leftist.

I can remember back to the First Gulf War (well, the first in which the US military was openly involved) and a study that came out shortly thereafter that concluded that the more cable news of any stripe viewers watched, the less informed they were regarding the specifics of the war, including its run-up and aftermath. After that, I began watching less and less American MSM cable news to the point that I hardly ever do now.

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He’s not just “like a smart guy,” he’s “a very stable genius,” remember?

In any event, I agree with the thread comments skeptical of weighing the article writer’s emphasis on dyslexia too heavily. I think it could be a causal factor, but hardly the only, or even dominant, one. After all, and to put it mildly, Helen Keller overcame a hell of a lot more in terms of disabilities and she became a pacifist, a socialist, and a suffragette.

Brock ain’t no leftist. He’s a corporate stooge.

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Perhaps. But I just don’t care about the purity test anymore.

Good point about Helen Keller…

Confabulating is a common response to memory problems, as in Alzheimer’s and other dementia. Trump could be doing it for any number of reasons.

The man-child doesn’t just have a penchant for revenge. He has a nearly uncontrollable rage he’s compelled to express at least every few days—in tweets, staff firings, domination, trade wars, envy of dictators.

It’s been reported over and over that he’s not interested in reading or briefings unless his name is mentioned every few seconds. Maybe he’s dyslectic. ADHD? Could be. He’s certainly afflicted with both narcissistic and anti-social personality disorders.

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I am both an educator and dyslexic. I recognized President Trump as a fellow dyslexic form day one. A huge tell is that he doesn’t finish reading a speech. Trump goes off script, and his fans love it. But, it is so hard for people with dyslexia to read, that they often stop and share their thoughts instead of finishing a paragraph. Trump’s impromptu speeches, are what he does to avoid reading. His reading is always flat and without expression. It is painful to listen to. Also, a good predictor of dyslexic is poor spelling, and mixing up right and left directions. We all know Trump is a poor speller. Many people are not bothered by this, but this shows sloppiness. He has a staff that can correct his spelling before he displays his ignorance in public. Over the years he has not learned that just because you are dyslexic, it does not mean you are not smart, but you need to surround yourself with people who complement you. People who can fill the gaps and help you prosper. I’m sure years of hiding his dyslexia has produced the person you see today.

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He is both

He never says that any attempts to rescue the hostages SHOULD be successful as the prime criteria of success, just that he thinks that the attempt should be made.
Was he thinking of the other rich man who tried to rescue Americans held by enemies that failed?? ( the head of EDS Corporation)