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Why Trump Keeps Telling the World 'I’m Smart'

Why Trump Keeps Telling the World 'I’m Smart'

Peter Dreier

The president has tons of bravado, which masks a myriad of other problems.

"Embarrassed by his lackluster academic record, his dependence on his family’s connections and wealth to get into college and to succeed in business, and his troublesome and abusive business practices, Trump lashes out at anyone who challenges him, no matter how insignificant the matter." (Image: DonkeyHotey/flickr/cc)

"I’m smart!"
I have a new insult for this piece of trash - “President Fredo”.
Instead of smart Trumpo the Klown is a walking clusterfuck of regression and stupidity.
A commentator correctly said that this pile of shit is the “most right-wing president in our history”.
It infuriates me that this asshole “won” the outdated Electoral College because of three states with a total of only 80,000 votes in an “election” that was perverted by Rethug operatives with machine fixing, voter suppression and gerrymandering. There is another word to describe the various machinations of the “Republican” party. It is TREASON.


“Treason”, AND coup.


So the Fordham alumni says " Whatever Trump did at Fordham, he didn’t leave footprints?" How would that be possible with a guy who needs constant attention? Take a look at this little book on Trump’s first two college years.

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The quote of the day: “Donald Trump was the dumbest goddam student I ever had”! THAT friends is who is “leading” our nation and threatening our republic, people, and entire world via environmental and nuclear disaster - taking us all to disasters with myriad consequences!

I will nit-pick with only one thing; trump’s “compulsion to constantly boast “I’m smart” and to deride others as “losers” is rooted in his profound sense of self-doubt.”. I think he has little “self-doubt” - fools and idiots usually don’t - I think it more likely his pathological narcissism, conceiving himself as the center of the universe, that cannot, like a spoiled child, accept any criticism, is the root of his madness and demeaning any with the temerity to challenge his lies or vapid assertions.

A person of little to no real world experience, who cannot accept guidance on issues beyond his ken, with extremely limited language skills, vocabulary, and reading comprehension is demonstrably NOT qualified to be in any position of power over others (much less millions/bilions) or national, world-affecting policy power and must be removed toot sweet!

If only the person waiting in the wings - pence - were not himself an extremist “religious” nutter and narrow-minded bigot and zealot that also should not exercise any power over national policy or others!


And let’s not forget that there were petitions and letters to these electors to PLEASE not vote for Trump. I myself got a smarmy email from one elector who told me he was “committed” to vote republican and there was nothing he could do. I hold every one of those electors just as responsible, if not more, as the ignorant twits who voted that goon into office.


This morning, a radio report on Trump’s decision to grant off-shore oil drilling permits included his comment, roughly (quote please), “I’m into coal and oil and other energy stuff. Putin’s got to hate that.” What troubled me was the addition of Putin. Why would he add Putin? Correct me if I’m wrong, but he also said something about there being “no collusion”. My first thought was that he’s lying and there is some sort of collusion happening specifically regarding coal/oil/gas interests. It may be an indirect collusion that he knows is happening, even while knowing little about it nor how specific business interests worldwide (Russia, Saudi Arabia, Koch brothers), are involved. My next thought was that Trump is a Manchurian Candidate. I believe a part of Trump’s idiotic bluster is to hide something, something horribly evil. Maybe he knows that global warming and catastrophic climate change will lead to the death of millions of people, and he wants to pronounce many a crematory eulogy with “You’re fired.” He’s evil.

A coup that was enthusiastically supported by millions of idiots who thought it was cool when Trumpo the Klown said that he could walk down Fifth Ave. in New York and shoot someone and he wouldn’t lose a single vote. That is probably true. In fact, he might gain a lot of votes from the knuckle draggers who think he was being a real man and the person he shot was one of them thar “illegals”. A significant part of this country has turned vile.
Part of the blame is the last 30 years of right-wing media propaganda but the main blame goes to the jerks and hatemongers who fell for it so readily.

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I’ve been curious? He claimed he was not going to take a salary from us taxpayers? Did he follow through?

No he didn’t. Instead he is costing us far more than any official salary with his constant ‘working’ vacations.

What is the best way to deal with a compulsive liar?
We have one in the family. We’ve tried calling them on it when we know it, and that doesn’t change the behavior. We’ve tried shunning them, but if they are family, or heaven forbid: close family, or the president of the United States, then that’s not a good solution. They can cause too much trouble and suffering.
I use the smile to their face but verify everything before taking action on anything they say.
This has and continues to be way that congress is dealing with the president. It has also proven to be without effect. The time has come to get rid of this guy once and for all. 25 the 45 Convict him for allowing his Mar A Lago resort to lead to him playing favorites with off-shore drilling!

Unfortunately to rid ourselves of the pox on both of their houses, and both of the houses of congress, it would take an armed street revolt. Not a peaceful mayday general labor strike with pots and pans, but rocks and molotov coctails and the like. It’s about time for that, but I don’t believe there’s a plurality of folks who believe it just now.

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We need to get rid of the electoral college!

“I’m smart”.
Where did Trump ever get that extremely, delusional idea? The only thing I can come up with is the trite and banal saying: " if you are so smart why ain’t you rich?"

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