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Why Trump Might Win


Why Trump Might Win

Robert Reich

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll released Sunday finds Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a statistical tie, with Trump leading Clinton 46 percent to 44 percent among registered voters.


And then there's Hillary's little problem with people just not liking her. Lots of people as it turns out. How could the dem establishment not have anticipated this? That's a rhetorical question incidentally. We all know the answer to that.


Trump may win if the venal crooks and pocket padding sleazebag insiders that are running the Democratic party insist on running Hillary Clinton.

And we'll pay for it.


The Trump card:

The new boss?
Same as the old boss?

Let's play a different game, folks. Bernie or bust!


If it's Trump vs. Hillary, Trump will win.

I read somewhere that since pollsters have been asking this question the one question that has never been wrong in picking the president is "who would you rather have a beer with?"

Now if it were Bernie vs. Trump, Trump would drink alone.


Anti-politics, Dr. Reich? I'd say the current mood is more about being tired of democracy which is hardly surprising considering that such forms of government require an educated and aware electorate - and that in turn requires an attention span and willingness to detail with often boring details that is no longer common. Hillary, of course, is a terrible candidate and a symptom of this underlying reality. All she ever had was the fact that her husband could claim to have created prosperity when all he really had was the luck to be president at the dawn of the Internet revolution. For her to run now is as ridiculous as if Mamie Eiisenhower had run in 1968 just because her husband had benefited from the 1950s social stability. Bernie is a kind of Eugene McCarthy with balls - strong now precisely because of Hillary but operating without any long term socialist network or party and is likely to fade away into a beautiful memory, like that of Eugene McCarthy's moment. Or maybe not.

Trump, of course, is a new kind of authoritarian ready to satisfy the dumbed-down public's need for simple answers that feed their anger and anxiety. If this were Argentina, the wreckage he will create would only hurt one country but if he becomes leader of the American global system, it is impossible to calculate how much instability he will create, from mass deaths among his targeted deportees to international economic crisis, even nuclear war. When a lifelong narcissist reaches old age, they always get worse. May as well put Sumner Redstone in the White House as this particular candidate for Alzheimer's.


Reich oversimplifies. People are not anti-politics but anti-establishment - there’s a difference. Trump has support because he kept his distance from the corrupt establishment of the 1%. For Sanders, it’s not a case of turning away but creating a truly democratic polity - a government that is responsive to the people and, as he says again and again, not only to the billionaires. In short, Sanders wants to stop the rot, remove the scums, and build a genuinely democratic America. That’s not anti-politics, but what politics should be about.


Geez, Robert!

How can you write an article like this without even mentioning the name Bernie Sanders!!??

Sanders is polling consistently ahead of Trump in a head-to-head contest in those same polls you cite as showing Clinton losing ground.

Sanders also is anti-establishment -- much more so than Trump -- which is precisely why he is so popular (and indeed had all of the Democratic polls allowed independents to vote, he would be the overwhelming favorite for the party's nomination heading into the June 7 primaries).

You might have mentioned that if Sanders, as is likely, wins California in a couple of weeks, the Democratic Party will be committing suicide should it go ahead and nominate Clinton with the help of the Superdelegates that she tied up before the primaries even started. Those delegates should think long and hard about handing Clinton the nomination since the would really be handing the White House to Donald Trump.

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net


If Trump wins the presidency, it's the Democratic establishment's fault. They picked a venal, corrupt, power mad, right of the middle of the road, half a loaf, milquetoast, half baked, half stepping, crumbs for the poor, working class and elderly policies proposed and embodied by Secretary Clinton. They deserve to lose. They chose Secretary Clinton, a war mongering, neo-liberal who panders to everyone, but will rule as a tool of the capitalist class. She always says she fought for this or that. What did SHE ever do for the working class, poor and elderly? What tangible accomplishments that directly benefited those groups can she point to and say, "I did that"?


I can agree with a lot of what Reich says, especially pertaining to economics. His endorsement of Sanders after cutting his political teeth in the Clinton White House really says a lot. But in the end, prominent Democrats will follow the party line.

Reich won't tell Sanders' supporters to vote for Clinton; that's too far a bridge to cross without destroying his cred. Instead we get treated to a piece on all the reasons Sandernistas shouldn't vote for Trump.

The reason to vote for Trump is to teach the Democratic Party a lesson they will never forget. Trump or Hillary, it is still a backseat ticket on the bus speeding straight over the cliff. Both Parties' arrogant leadership think they are too big to fail, too powerful to fail. We the people hold the power and it is long past time to exercise it.

Trump or Clinton? I would rather we just get it over with and hit rock bottom as opposed to the never-ending free fall this nation is experiencing, which only leads to the same splat.


I don't know...maybe he's ahead because SO MANY PEOPLE HATE AND DESPISE HILLARY!!!


In such a deadlock, if it were possible for her to be heard, Dr Jill Stein could actually pull off a victory in the three-way race. Aside from a small percentage of fanatics within both parties, neither Trump nor Clinton are desirable selections for voters now tentatively aligned with them . It's not, therefore, inconceivable to imagine that an appealing third-party candidate could evenly peel away enough disgruntled voters from both to win.---this assuming that the most any candidate might count on being somewhere around the 30% mark.


But...but...didn't you hear that Hillary will be the nominee? She said it so herself!


I have been saying for over a year that Hillary is an incredibly weak and vulnerable candidate who only has a veneer of being a winner. She has nearly 100% name recognition and over half the country hates her, including many, many leftists like me. I mean to kick her ass down the block and around the corner if she is the nominee because it's the only way The People can take the country back for the rest of us. Her, Wasserman Schultz, and the rest of that gang pretend that they are being fair in running the primaries, but they couldn't do a much worse job of telegraphing their outright hatred and disgust with those of us for Sanders if they tried. I can tell you the feeling is more than mutual. You can't be taken seriously as a real Democrat and consider Henry Kissinger anyone other than a war criminal who should spend the rest of his natural life in a cell in the Hague, let alone be your BFF. Or, you can't do the bidding of the payday loansharking industry and be head of the supposed party of average, working Americans Ms. Wasserman Schultz, you sneering, venal B#$ch! No, we're coming for all of you and we're going to take you down and take the party away from you after we watch you go down in flames in November to an idiotic asshole who we hate less than y'all!


People are giving a lot of reasons for supporting Trump but it seems likely that for many of these people the real reason is racism. Many Americans are not happy about having a black president. In 2012 Trump jumped into the political fray by supporting the birthers and he immediately went to the top of Republican polls. After a lot of criticism from the media he dropped out but now he is back. Basically the election comes down to a referendum of whether to accept racial diversity and multiculturalism or whether to have a society where the first class citizens are those who are white. The electoral map greatly favors the Democrats. But it is possible with all the discontent about a black president, an increasing Hispanic population, fear of terrorism, and other things that a platform based on racism, xenophobia, and authoritarianism could win.


Bernie disappeared again by another brilliant credentialed writer, yet, yesterday, in Reich's own back yard, Bernie spoke before thousands.


Why do people believe what Trump says? It amazes me that they do considering they have no reason to trust him. He is an oligarch and an autocratic personality type. This article touches on a part of why people have supported his candidacy. One person likes something he said about jobs going overseas and another person likes something he says about illegals and so forth. Something for everybody as the song says but why do people believe anything he says? I think Reich has it half right about anti politics. The real reason why Trump got there is because Bernie brought anti politics to Washington not Trump. The media created their Trumpenstein monster and now that he got loose, they can't stop him any longer. But why do people believe what he says?

This election year is unique in that the candidates that opposed the status quo surged in popularity. Clearly had the Dems played fair! Bernie would have been far ahead of Trump and likely have won the presidency in a landslide victory. Instead the Dems chose to gamble that they would decide who people could vote for instead of believing in their own democracy. The Dems keep acting like the people's choice in their democracy doesn't count and the preferred candidate of the party will be made to win. It may be a critical mistake to back the slower horse just because you like the jockey.

Hillary is not trusted and Bernie is legitimately more popular in any case. Hillary has steadily lost popularity but that doesn't matter to the Dems. Reich leaves out discussing Bernie and so do so many other pundits and reporters et al. It is that very thing that guaranteed Trump his pole position. It is what is so dangerous for this country as well. The rigged game is being allowed to play out despite the public feeling that they are being cheated and disenfranchised. That is why the public ignores the fact that Trump is an oligarch when they are feeling betrayed by the oligarchate. The public feels betrayed by the parties and by association they feel cheated and betrayed by their government and institutions.

That is classical pre fascist conditions - the delegitimization of government - a lack of trust in their institutions as well due to outsourcing, offshoring, trillion dollar tax cuts for the wealthy, bank bailouts but home foreclosure, lost jobs and an endless war which showed America's immense military power unable to achieve success. Things are falling apart and we spend trillions on destabilizing the Mid East with little to show for having done so except more war to come. The war that never ends is a war we never won.

Trump is wishful thinking incarnate. He is crude and rude, rich as hell, does what he wants and doesn't give a damn blah blah blah! Lots of people want to be Trump. A very big mistake because they aren't Trump yet that wishful thinking affects their votes.

But in the end the main reason that Trump may win is that people would rather vote for Bernie and they see that choice is being stolen away from them by the all too blatant rigged game. People will vote for Trump because they don't want to vote for the status quo and the rigged game is cheating them out of the saner, more stable, safer and best suited candidate who would help them and their kids. Whether people realize it or not, they will cast votes of resentment.

The Dems rigged game may just cause the rise of fascism in America. Trump will set a precedent. He will cross a line that was never crossed before. No one can say what he will do but all those who attribute certain positions to Trump because he is anti politics should face the fact that they are voting for those anti politics they wanted in Bernie but they will end up with Trump instead.

What will an autocratic multibillionaire oligarch do with the most powerful office in the world ...

...and all of its secrets?


Exactly, how can Reich write this piece without mentioning how much and how many can't stand HRC? This is of course a rhetorical question as I am sure Reich is well aware of this about Clinton.
A disappointing piece from Reich.


Except that he already has done so, many times. He says that Sanders is the best candidate to change the system, and Clinton is the best candidate to govern under the current system and either would make an "excellent president." In the end, Reich is a Democrat and will support the Democratic Party no matter who they eventually nominate.


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