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Why Trump’s Private Transactions are Terrifying


Why Trump’s Private Transactions are Terrifying

Robert Reich

Trump has described the payments his bag man, Michael Cohen, made to two women during the 2016 campaign so they wouldn’t discuss their alleged affairs with him, as “a simple private transaction.”

Last Saturday, when ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked Cohen if Trump knew the payments were wrong and were made to help his election, Cohen replied “Of course … . He was very concerned about how this would affect the election.”


This poor excuse for a human being is going to find out what reality is, hopefully in the near future. No one is above the law, karma is coming in so many ways. You reap what you sow, years of bad behavior are going to take you down. You lie? Goodbye! Vote 'em out! Peace


It can never be said that Trump is, or was, a public servant.

He serves only himself.


Not to mention that the fake news story of the 21st century (and the 19th and 20th centuries) is that the US has checks and balances.

With US POTUS civil and criminal actions being subject to prosecution only by a Congress owned by corporations, any illusion of checks and balances is history.


tRump’s world-view has been clear for a long time. It’s all about him and his transactions. He will use the office of president to benefit his private interests. Presidents hide the truth about their actions all the time to protect state secrets, strategies, or real reasons for actions. Most of us can see through his remonstrances to accusations made against him. So, what is so terrifying about tRump? It’s terrifying that the people who could do something about his use of the presidency for self-dealing haven’t yet or those actually trying to have been thus far thwarted. If he isn’t stopped, the power of future presidents to avoid accountability and to violate the Constitution will be increased. tRump will be given a pass by the judicial branch while the congressional branch reneges on its check and balance responsibility. A nation of laws and not of men may be nearing an end.


How is this practice a departure from the guiding principle of the Republican Party? If Trump were as smooth as Obama, or as effectual as, say, Romney, there’d be nary a peep from our corporate establishment press. Save the Billionaires is our national raison d’être.


He’s a stooge.


Private transactions occur within the wider public sphere. There has never been a private transaction (of any considerable value) that does not have significant consequences for society.
Insisting that reducing transactions into private and solely monetized coercive (the legal machine plays its undemocratic role here) agreements means that all other human and social values are banned. Freedom is replaced by money transactions while proponents claim money is freedom.
When this ugly distortion attains social dominance, as it has, then accumulations of capital and its debased ideology dominate beyond democratic control. Oligarchs rule, democracy withers, money replaces human values, and corruption becomes rampant in society. Money becomes an end in itself, subject only to the money Gods.
Then, on Sundays, they ‘worship’ god, some even claiming that this is what their Sunday god teaches!