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Why Trump’s Proposed Targeting of Muslims Would be Unconstitutional


Why Trump’s Proposed Targeting of Muslims Would be Unconstitutional

David Cole

As a candidate, Donald Trump notoriously called for a ban on the entrance of all Muslims, a database to track Muslims in the United States, for aggressive surveillance of “the mosques,” and for closing down mosques.


They say it is easier to find forgiveness than to get permission. I anticipate that Drumpf's team of goons will forge full steam ahead, and wait to see if anything they do is challenged. if they front-load SCOTUS with hyper conservative politicized judges, they can be pretty much assured they will prevail. And so it goes...from democracy to despotism. I recommend a re-read of Montesquieu for every thoughtful American.


What is especially scary is what will happen with the next domestic terrorist acts committed by jihadists or muslims who have mental health issues. Not to mention something on the scale of a 9/11.

You know the Trumpists are salivating over that prospect & cant wait (of course acts of terrorism by the Dylan Roofs of the world against African-American churches wont carry the same weight).

Are we going to see an American Kristalnact? It wont be the muslims in cities, but those residing in small towns in Red states that will feel the wrath.

Here is hoping I am exaggerating. I hope.


Not likely that adherence to the Constitution will be one of his concerns.


I predict such an event shortly before Obama leaves. Add Scalia v.2 to the Supremes, and the constitution is anything these guys say it is.

("Constitution? We don't need no stinkin' constitution!")


Why, WHY, was I able to predict even before opening this article, that it would get very few comments....

Why does the Common Dreams readership care so little about human rights?


Have pondered that too.


Issues involving racial/religious discrimination of minorities, and especially (and inexplicably) labor and union issues, always seem to elicit a huge yawn from the Commondreams readership.


Have noticed this on other ostensibly prog sites too.


But the Supreme Court decides what is unconstitutional and with a Trump appointee or two there will be little likelihood that these proposals would be declared unconstitutional regardless of what the Constitution says.