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Why Trump’s Syria Strike Will Not End Well


Why Trump’s Syria Strike Will Not End Well

Trita Parsi

U.S. President Donald Trump claims the objective of his cruise missile strike on Syria is to deter Syrian President Bashar Assad from using chemical weapons again. But six years into Syria’s brutal civil war, Trump does not have the luxury of defining his objective that narrowly. Whether he likes it or not, he will be judged by his intervention’s impact on the trajectory of this war. And there, his action has no path to success.


It is already clear that Trump is completely incompetent when it comes to foreign policy. His lack of knowledge has been obvious since he became a candidate and he is simply lost in the thicket and lashing out irrationally. This is why Congress needs to play a much greater role and stop shirking its responsibility. Trump's attack is probably illegal since it was not authorized by Congress. His actions with regard to North Korea could result in a nuclear attack. Only Congress has the power to declare war. The president can take action in an emergency situation but that is not what has been going on. Given how dangerous Trump clearly is Congress needs to assert its authority before it is too late.


Scott Ritter has a superb commentary on today's Huffington Post on DJT as ISIS' useful idiot. Most likely the anti-Assad rebels produced the crude chemical weapons from chlorine and white phosphorous. Btw, hasn't the US bombed enough of the Mideast already?


Trump needs to be held accountable by Congress, but alas, not going to happen as Congress is made up ( with a few exceptions) of war mongering, Republicans and war mongering, Democrats. Trump could launch a nuclear attack on North Korea and kill millions OF INNOCENT CIVILIANS( like Truman did in Japan), and most of Congress would be nothing but fawning, obsequious, cheer leading, sycophants!

And of course the media whores like Brian Williams would exclaim: " BEAUTIFUL, JUST BEAUTIFUL"!


" Hasn't the US bombed enough of the Mideast already?"

Never enough if you are a war profiteer. Raytheon stockholders are happy! They know Raytheon will be getting an order for about $100,000,000.00 for Tomahawk missiles!



So Trump isn't the deal maker in chief or chief negotiator, most of his people stand by their man and believe he is still going to help them.


Have you seen this?


"Trump does not have the luxury of defining his objective that narrowly... taking off from the very air base hit by U.S. missiles. Trump even gave Assad advanced notice via Russian President Vladimir Putin, which enabled the Syrian dictator to move his troops and bunker his planes. ": Clearly, Trump staged this for media attention and to throw off the dogs of Russiagate and more. What a despicable man!


I don't believe we know that Russia told Assad about the attack. It was reported that eight Syrian soldiers were killed. Also, it was reported that a number of planes being repaired were destroyed. The airbase was severely damaged. This was a real attack but what is behind it isn't that clear. Congress needs to find out.and soon.


No, thanks for the link.