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Why Trump Should Commute Lisa Montgomery's Death Sentence

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/04/why-trump-should-commute-lisa-montgomerys-death-sentence

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I always dread reading articles like this. What humans will do to others for the sake of money , even mothers with their children can be so depressing. I suspect the mother of Ms Montgomery also grew up in a broken home. This sort of stuff can carry on through generations.

I can only count my blessings that while I grew up in a poor household I had to very kind and loving parents who were always interested in the well being of their children and did all they could do to give us better lives.


Yes Trump should commute Montgomery’s sentence, but he won’t, there’s nothing in it for him.


It’s not my “common dream” to leave a broken mind and soul to languish in prison for the rest of her life for an horrific act for which she cannot be legitimately seen to be responsible

Nor is it to praise someone guilty of multiple sexual assaults for “his groundbreaking work on behalf of the victims”.

I’m funny that way.


Way to suck up to an abusive EX-President (almost: SO near…), by juicing him up with the idea that he could “continue his groundbreaking work on behalf of the victims of human trafficking.”

Oh yeah, suck the Orange…

Yes, this abuse of his power should end, and she should be released right away, and provided with mental health treatment – as much good as it will do her at this point, far too late…

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I guess it is legal to rape kids in Kansas?—just read this story–they took one raped abused sister out of the home and left Lisa??? No one was ever charged for anything except her???