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Why Trump Wants To Kill The Biggest Environmental Law You've Never Heard Of

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/07/why-trump-wants-kill-biggest-environmental-law-youve-never-heard

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It was apparent from Trump’s 2015 stairway walk that MAGA would include reigniting the Cuyahoga River to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that landmark event.

MAGA is all about blowing up murka as we know it. Eliminating all the environmental laws of the past century is key to achieving that goal.


it should be noted that NEPA and the basic laws of the early 1970s curbing air, water, and toxic pollution were passed almost unanimously and most were signed by President Nixon, a Republican. In noting that the Trump regime is weakening regulations, the environment community needs to ask why it lost Republican support and what can be done about it as that loss is reversing progress.

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It never had enough bite

But Killer Clown wants it utterly toothless


Hi raydecamino:
Remember when Trump had his physicaI stopped and stared a few times? Maybe the news was not good, and as trump seems to have no sense of the rest of humanity—maybe he was toId he didn’t have much time—and so he now devotes the rest of his life to running the Earth—he doesn’t seem to want to die alone—but rather wants to take the whole worId with him. : (


This is one thing that really points out how amoral the stock market (as indicator of “the economy” as good or bad) is.

In an ideal world, the stock market would not be short sighted, but while it can grow and do well as a real economic indicator, it also is easily fooled by things such as this. Business, stocks can react to true good business practice, but like a sugar high, it also reacts to things such as this, which is bad for mankind, for human beings and thus not sustainable, yet “good for business”. Not in the long run, but by the time it “corrects” it will be too late, and the correction would also tank the market. We’ve driven up a dead end street.
Just as there should not be a multi billion dollar “health care insurance” industry, should be universal health care without all the middle men, but to correct would now mean millions of job losses.
Short sighted.

Trump effectively distracts from all this gutting of environmental protections, as well as worker protections, OSHA (that has been dismantled under several administrations), consumer protections. All these boost the amoral stock market, and for all the wrong reasons, and in a normal world we would be focused on that, but instead we get Trump controlling the narrative (amazingly EVEN with a pandemic he made worse, and over 130,000 dead Americans and counting) focused on statues, confederate flags… it’s a no brainer that statues and confederate flags ought to be taken down. Of course they should, but how are things like this just not given any oxygen, no outrage?

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The article does not deliver on its title! It does not address motivation only effects. Telling us why would explain what the 45 administration hopes to gain from doing this. Cui bono? [Who benefits?] Follow the money? Identify the insiders.

Get that so-unhealthy-and-stupid entity out of the W/House now, please!
His actions and non-actions have a direct and indelible effect on all of us and our world in the future. As does those who are fighting the climate-crisis with good practices which have no capitalist support!