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Why Trump Was Able to Sucker the World on Syria

Why Trump Was Able to Sucker the World on Syria

Neal Gabler

It is pretty amazing how quickly the media and suck-up politicians can transform a mendacious, hypocritical, amateurish, ignorant, incoherent, bigoted buffoon who is way, way out of his depth into a man of courage, which is what they did to President Trump this past weekend. All it takes is some saber rattling and launching a few dozen missiles. Granted, the Trump brand is already so tarnished that he didn’t get the bounce or the adulation that the Bushes, pere and fils, got when they began their wars.


Given that there is now solid evidence for Trump people colluding with Russia, that evidence needs to be acted on SWIFTLY AND DECISIVELY: https://www.rawstory.com/2017/04/investigators-now-have-concrete-evidence-of-collusion-between-trump-camp-and-russian-govt-source/

Having a president who is bomb-happy (the bomb just dropped on Afghanistan) is by no means comforting!

Fortunately, I don’t watch Brian Williams. Had I been watching while he made his moronic comment about the bombing of an airfield in Syria, I might have thrown something at the TV–and would then have needed to buy a new TV!


Well said. He suckered many and I’m sure part of it was to cast blame away from the investigation on his relationship with Putin. Now we’re hearing “Russia US relations at lowest point”. I don’t believe that for one second. He’s all banked up with Russia and Russian oligarchs. No way are he and Putin on the outs. He called him before the attack and warned him, who in turn warned Assad. Staged for all the world.
I like this article we would do well to look at Trump with this in mind. Sadly, more will be coming.

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If the Emperor of America warned you not to use poison gas, would anyone but an idiot do so? President Assad of Syria is not a fool. He did not use poison gas now and he did not use it 3 years ago. Criminals in the United States War Department are framing him and I hope that there is a hell for them to rot in!
Ask yourself whether you would use poison gas if you were threatened with destruction for doing so. If your answer is yes then believe your war department and prepare for the end of the world.


Except that article did not provide any evidence. It just has some anonymous source claiming there is solid evidence— which of course is NOT NEW. This is the same empty assertion that has been going on for months.

STOP the Russia bashing, please. Sheesh. Do you want a war with them for some perverse reason?


Thanks for the post, I just couldn’t bing myself to do it. The lengths that the Clinton broken hearted are willing to go to rationalize the Clinton loss is mind boggling. These same folks fashion themselves as "critical’ thinkers. And so it goes.


I was not a Donnie or Blondie voter, as they both disgusted me.

However, during the run-up to the Election, there was only ‘one’ thing that Trump was talking about that I kinda agreed with him on, even if it might be dangerous to do so.

That one thing was his belief that it would be better to be ‘friends’ with Russia, than enemies.

Your recommendation of not poking that Bear, for fear of war is well founded.


Hey, HRC is NOT Blondie.

I am Blondie! :wink:


The Poison Gas was explained, days ago, by the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, as a Syrian Aircraft bombing an al-Quaeda-in-Syria Ammunition Depot, which turned out to be full of Chemicals, inadvertently releasing Noxious Gases which blew over a populated area, causing deaths.

The failure of our Captured Media to go even this far, to uncover and report the Truth, is our President’s greatest, unspoken ally, as it would show this Unconstitutional Act of Aggression for what it is, forcing Congress to either act, or explain why it won’t…


The Pentagon Papers showed that Vietnam was just more posturing for presidential ego, just as this idiotic move was. So it’s nothing new. I wish people would stop saying that Reagan was this master orator. Listening to him was painful, as his incoherent imbecility was evident in every syllable. We seem to elect the worst of the worst in this country–either guilty of shameless sophistry like Obama or complete cretins like Trump. Looking around for a way to leave this place for good, it’s circling the drain with increasing speed.


Like your comment, but Viet Nam was the product of the collusion of a lot of nefarious forces, all of which combined to murder President Kennedy, who had documented plans to end our involvement there, and reverse his judgement within days of his assassination, to begin the Viet Nam War in earnest.


Correction Miranda. ‘Bleached Blondie.’

Brian Williams quoting the great Leonard Cohen to justify war? Disgusting. I’d quite Cohen’s " Everybody Knows" -

Everybody knows the war is over
And the good guys lost

And when women live with an abusive man, just walk on eggshells when he’s around. Sheesh, do they want to get beaten up?

Bad, bad thinking on your part.

So you are convinced Russia is the boogie man and your bashing them isn’t uncalled for. That’s a total crock of baloney.

They didn’t hack the US election.
They didn’t invade the Ukraine.
They aren’t the ones with tanks and troops on a hair trigger on our border.
They aren’t the ones doing war games in the Gulf of Mexico like we do in the Baltic.

I’m sick of your desire to ramp up the aggression with Russia. I will not go quietly into the night and let you propagandists and your Neo-Con garbage take over the comments sections here without countering it.

You must realize that when I call for stopping bashing Russia and wondering if you want war, I am not saying that Russia will attack us if we bash them, which you act like I’m saying with this stupid comment. I am saying, and pay attention, that the more people like you bash Russia the more likely it is that the US WILL ATTACK RUSSIA and start a war.

Like implementing a No Fly Zone in Syria and shooting down a Russian plane.