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Why Trump Will Lose Wisconsin Recount

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/05/why-trump-will-lose-wisconsin-recount

Although this article implies that the forces influencing the 2020 election originated with Trump’s 2016 campaign, the roots of these problems go back to Raygun’s election forty years ago wherein the GOP recognized that the way cults and many organized religions recruit and retain followers is to appeal to their emotions while avoiding facts and evidence because facts and evidence can be easily contradicted by opponents whereas followers are far less likely to walk away from their emotional investment in a cult or party gone bad than they are to walk away from a financial investment gone bad.

“Trump benefits from his voters not taking him seriously” misinterprets their motives. In my discussions with GOP voters in my workplace during the past three decades they always freely admit to not believing any GOP President’s lies but take great pride in the GOP getting away with ever more egregious lies with each passing year. They stick with the GOP as long as those lies, sans consequences continue to increase the GOP’s power at all levels. Hillary labeling such voters “deplorables” was a charitable characterization.

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