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Why Trump Won and Why Clinton Lost


Why Trump Won and Why Clinton Lost

Robert Parry

In the end, Hillary Clinton became the face of a corrupt, arrogant and out-of-touch Establishment, while Donald Trump emerged as an almost perfectly imperfect vessel for a populist fury that had bubbled beneath the surface of America.


Yes I would have to agree that their foray neo-liberal and neo-conservative policies are what defeated the Democratic Party.


Neoconservatives are deeply embedded in the existing foreign policy apparatus of the USG, so Trump's ability to overcome their instigations to war will be sorely tested. To a significant extent, Obama failed to directly confront those elements. Whether Trump will succeed where almost every other president has failed, awaits to be seen.


So, what corporate business terms should we apply to ole foggy bottom going into January 2017?
Diversification - trump has provided a splendid service of belicose inflation of numerous seminal stretccchhhed envelopes prized by hegemonic power cabals needing just the tiniest spicy bit of chaos to veil the upcoming game of musical chairs. AND, in his inimitable flourishes has even left these suspended and not to mention - for the taking - as tasty bits of bait. Ooooh Donny, you naughty boy, you!

Lets see... leverage. Hmmm. This season's cut coming down the runway is short, short, short and flashy! But don't touch! These are party favors for all those ravenous derivative eyes. Kissie, kissie Wall Street.

Any body who would like to try their hand at stylizing the rest of the narrative... please do be my guest! Here's blowing you a great big kiss!!!


To Mr. Parry and Other Responders,

One point I would like to raise (one that so far I have not read or heard in the reaction to this thunderbolt of an election result): The rest of the world's countries--in Asia, Europe, South America--have a say in history and what develops in foreign relations and economic development, after Trump's inauguration. Their people/governments can rise up to oppose any further oppression that a new American leader might begin. South American nations have already done some opposition to U.S. attempts to control them and their futures. Ditto for other nations' will and work on climate change, on further actions by the United States to assert our "Exceptional" status in the world. They can resist and find ways to join with like-minded nations to form a counter-weight to the U.S. Right now, they are as gob-smacked as most of us, later they may take this result as an opportunity to go their own way in some areas. And Trump has indicated in the past that he is not as interested in backing all the disastrous wars and invasions that our present military industrial giants have pursued. Maybe this includes not backing a 'New Cold War' with Russia, as the Neo-Cons have.
We have work to do here, to work for the best and just, civic, social, and economic ideas and actions for most Americans; but don't forget the rest of the world's people and their power.


Its bigger than Clinton losing today.

Going into 2016 the Democratic Party held less power than it has since Warren Harding was President more than 90 years ago when you consider the number of governorships, elected seats at the state and federal level.

The percentage of US voters identifying as Democrats has declined since 1960 with the biggest declines occurring during Bill Clinton and Obama's first terms.

Pundits serially telling us that the "GOP is fractured" during the election 2016 cycle need to eat crow and start analyzing the real fractured party.


Wacko Jill Stein supporters own a piece of this. Congratulations, assholes. Lesser evil is still lesser evil.


Obama capitulated.
Will Trump? Seems unlikely ( at least not without a fight. )


#DemExit of 2016 is remarkable strong, too....and it's on-going.


The shills are not done yet. They will be scapegoating Jill Stein and Gary Johnson to make sure it sticks so third party candidates enter the 2020 election as handicapped as possible. Its a road tested formula.


Give me a DNC that supports a $15 minimum wage.
Give me a DNC that opposes fracking.
Give me a DNC that supports raising taxes on the wealthy and no more corporate handouts (I'm looking at you, Chuck Schumer)
Give me a DNC that supports single payer
Give me a DNC that opposes the private prison system
Give me a DNC that opposes drone strikes.

In short, give me a DNC that is a true LEFTIST party (not merely "liberal") and maybe they might be a worthwhile party.

But they didn't listen, did they? Instead they shoved Sanders out of the way and propped up HRC, touting this moderate conservative as a "liberal."

The Dems gave up on the working class decades ago -- rightly or wrongly, they flocked to the Republican snake oil salesmen -- even if they were lying to them, at least they were TALKING to them, rather than tossing them aside as "deplorables."

Instead of addressing economic issues which underpin all other issues in this country, they chose to distract everyone with identity politics, not much unlike the Republicans' Southern Strategy in reverse.

Well, it should be no surprise that this routine has finally run a bit thin over the past couple decades. The majority of us Americans who make only four- or five-digit yearly income figures have no representation from either party.

The only way us plebs can have a voice is by means other than the ballot box. The Republicans won't represent us. The Democrats won't represent us. No matter who is in office, the State won't represent us. That leaves only one course of action. This is not a threat -- it is merely historical precedent.


I would be happy with a DNC that does NOTHING, when you consider that most of their "accomplishments" represent corporate welfare in one form or another.

Mediocre for the 99% beats downward spiral for the 99% any day.


You do not have a clue as to what happened. Please give the States where the Greens pulled enough votes from Clinton to flip it to trump.

The margin of Trumps victories in the key states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania was greater than the total amount of votes cast for Stein.

Indeed I could not find a single State where the Greens made a difference. In fact in everyone of those States , the Libertarians gained more voted than did the Greens and if it were not for the Libertarians more states would have been won by Trump.

I suggest you study the facts before posting such nonsense. The Democrats lost because the Candidate they offered up was corrupt and did not appeal to the left.

This is purely on the "assholes" at the DNC and the Clinton camp.


Libertarians definitely held Trump back.

Did Libertarians make it possible for Clinton to win the popular vote ?


Well said! It is refreshing to read the truth about this election and the neocon/liberal failed policies.
Republicans have been called the party of "stupid". Well this year it is without a doubt the Democrats that are the party of "stupid". The hubris that went into making the decision to derail Sanders when he was winning everywhere is glaring. They live in such an insular world they couldn't imagine that the media and the DNC propaganda wouldn't work on the people anymore. We screamed we didn't want HRC, they didn't listen, we said no more war, she was already lining up war with Russia, we said no TPP we know she wants it.
There are so many reasons people defected they are too numerous to mention but one thing is clear. If the Dem's don't move left there is no reason for them to exist. By next election we will put together a party for the people. Do you think they will quit blaming everyone but themselves by then?


Hopefully TPP won't weasel through during the lame duck period.


It appears to be what we got.

But you know, Greens did not fund Trump's candidacy, and Clinton did. We did not decide to hold our base in contempt, and Clinton did. We did not get caught colluding with large media corporations, and Clinton did.

I voted Democrat routinely for decades, and I have zero apologies here and now because the party has abandoned most everything that I ever supported. If you-all want support, walk the walk.


Just keep kicking us real progressives in the gut and and then try to blame us because we don't support your corrupt money grubbing candidate that stole the nomination. You need to look in the mirror and ask yourself why she was able to dupe you so easily. No one is quite so blind as those who refuse to see.


I'm no asshole and lesser evil is still evil. You don't get it. She lost this thing on her own lack of credibility, decency and vision. It's all on her and people like you who live in la la land about what lousy policies her and the DNC have.


I have corresponded with some of the Bernie delegates that attended the Democratic Convention in Philly and according to them, the convention was fixed against Bernie. If true; now it looks like crooked Hillary has gotten what she deserved and Bernie has been made to look like a fool for endorsing this most corrupt, punic and mendacious democratic candidate for POTUS.