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Why Trump's Iran Policy is Bound to Fail


Why Trump's Iran Policy is Bound to Fail

Sina Toossi

n May Day 1946, the British consul in the southwestern Iranian city of Khorramshahr noted a troubling development.


Trump: “I don’t understand those Iranians with all their concern over the Shah. Just because we didn’t let their contestants wear one in the Miss Universe Swimsuit contest is no reason to hold a grudge.”


And in America Iran, and other US targets, are discussed in such a nonchalant manner as if it’s no big deal. Oh well, Iran’s next up for destruction.

We’ve lost our moral compass. Did we ever have one?


Closing paragraph from the article:
“If Washington is sincere in supporting the aspirations of the Iranian people for improved civil liberties, human rights, and prosperity, it must recognize such progress can only be realized through grassroots organic political change—not on the heels of Trump and his autocratic regional allies.”

Yes, but Washington (and its great humanitarian allies Saudi Arabia and Israel) could give less than a shit about “the aspirations of the Iranian people.” Or any other people. That is not how they operate.

Nods to anyone’s popular aspirations are just marketing gloss by colonizing, imperialist, looting class war-mongers.


If Trump and Putin saw eye-to-eye on anything during the Helsinki installment of their bromance, it was Russia agreeing to sit idly by while we bomb Iran to ruins. Russia will get a pipeline out of it, and higher prices for crude.


Hi, Skeptic Tank--------I wonder about that, because Iran and Russia work well together, along with China…besides, Saudi Arabia and Israel are insane-------and no one can trust either of them. : )


Russia works well with Iran when it’s convenient.


American governments regardless who’s president…"…speak with forked tongue"


I wanted to add: Most Americans don’t two twats for history…It’s part of the “necessary illusions” so the deep state can continue with it’s attempt at “Full Spectrum Dominance” of the globe…but, those damn Russians keep getting in the way! LOL!


Ask the American Indians.