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Why U.S. and Filipino Call Center Workers Are Working Together

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/12/why-us-and-filipino-call-center-workers-are-working-together

Whenever I reach a call center and it’s in the Philippines, I ask the worker if they support Duterte, and so far, they all do, 100%.
They love that the guy is killing marijuana users and other people without due process.
They love his machismo, bragging about committing murders when he was mayor of Davao City, his pro-rape comments.
So I have no sympathy for Filipino call center workers and I contact companies using them and say “bring those jobs back to the USA.”


David, you may as well ask the fed to stop printing money that doesn’t really exist to keep the dollar from becoming what it really is worth: SHIT!

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I wonder if in a country run by a despot how many people fear that the national Security State of their country monitors their communications. This would be a concern especially when you work for an international communications industry. After all they do record all those calls.

Obviously you have not been to Philippines. Nobody is killing Marijuana users.

You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.
Duterte’s death squads are indiscriminately killing users of meth, weed, and other drugs, even though the murderous despot recently joked that he himself uses marijuana.
Get a clue.

So David when were you in Philippines? The reason Duterte has wide support is because he has made the streets safe again. You don’t live in Philippines and most likely have never been there. You are a fraud, talking shit of which you know about! You never contacted any companies using Philippines call centers.