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Why Uber's Desperate Prop 22 Is Bad for Drivers and Society

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/25/why-ubers-desperate-prop-22-bad-drivers-and-society

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The mentality behind Uber and Lyft (and so many other companies) is the root problem. The symptoms vary, e.g., the self-driving car.

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Thank you very much Steven Hill and FairVote for all of your work trying to wake U.S. up. Doubtless you’ve thought about these issues. However, those who’d like to create the climate for even so much as a Town Hall Meeting didn’t exist in numbers during the mad rush to Privatization pursued by the Obama-Biden Cabinet of Wall Street Apex Predators. Obama-Biden-Clinton-Holder-Geithner-Summers-Duncan-Perez more elegantly and multi-racially pursued those policies in continuation from bi-partisan policies of the previous 3 decades and over their 8 years acting as CEO\Daddy Warbucks Commander In Chief prior to the Rise of Trumplicanism.

The shrinking muddle class and now obese bulge of Food Insecure and Housing Insecure U.S. are no more welcome now over our means of mass communications (broadcast\cyber platforms dominated by the Corporate Caliphate), despite the clear turn even in broadcast news media against Trump the obscene person and family enterprise via Trump Org and their closest allies substantively and stylistically in the House of Saud.

So what if our media is against perpetuating the fascistic climate here in the U.S.? Who could anyone be for? Joe Status Quo Mass Incarceration Nation MBNA Biden and Kamala Top Cop of California Harris During the Foreclosure\Displacement Crises of the early to late aughts who prioritized Public Criminal prosecution of STREET CRIME over SUITE CRIME…

Here is why those focusing on the economic damage that will be reckoned with by all the productive value siphoned out of our economy by employer-investor benefiting policy-makers of both of our Corporate Caliphate serving political parties in the Duopoly. They and U.S. had better have an Elon Musk planet-in-waiting to protect them from the ultimate fall-out of the lack of AGGREGATE DEMAND and value to our World’s Reserve Economy after this much hoarded un-productive wealth concentrating in non-audited and bank secrecy protected not to mention tax-evading\avoiding off-shore and domestic personal accounts.

Or even those financial innovators thinking they’ve snookered the demon of Monetary Inflation by investing in speculative ventures like the building boom of market rate to luxury rate housing standing vacant and relatively newly built in most of our cities that are surrounded by homeless encampments and tent cities. What Columbia University Professor Saskia Sassen has called unfettered global capital’s last safe investment, the belief that real estate loses value last so the hedge of global capital buying up condos in these market rate to luxury buildings standing mostly vacant that Dr Sassen calls Safety Deposit Boxes In the Sky:

Take notes because you can’t afford to take on student debt by studying this stuff at Columbia U., the Wharton School at $7.25 Minimum Wage University of Pennsylvania or other elite MBA programs described in THE GOLDEN PASSPORT.

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