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Why UN Resolution on Settlements Would Be Bad for Palestinians


Why UN Resolution on Settlements Would Be Bad for Palestinians

Ali Abunimah


The vote on the UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements, scheduled for Thursday afternoon, has reportedly been postponed. This came after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu put pressure on Egypt, the resolution’s sponsor.


While I am not qualified to judge the pro's and con's of the UN resolution, the author lays out many critical issues and past cowardice or silence by the UN regarding Palestinians and illegal accelerating theft/colonization of the Occupied Territories, and half century of war crimes committed by Israeli extremism/terrorism.

The pressure brought by the Israeli government and its foreign agents, on other nations to make illegal any criticism of Israeli policies or actions must be fought and defeated - the BDS movement especially.

Israel's racist ethnic cleansing, illegal settlements, theft of natural resources, water, official brutality and prejudice, wholesale killings of Palestinians and international protesters, are crimes against humanity!
The UN has been a toothless, craven de facto collaborator to Israeli extremism and racism - a pattern of inaction and silence - there is no evidence any new UN "resolution" will bring justice to Palestine - now more than ever under the rule of trump & co and US lap-dog support for Israel!

BDS! - Boycott, Divest, Sanction!



Frankly, the time for Israel to stop building the illegal, wrongheaded settlements in West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem is long overdue. The only safe, sane and sensible way to restore Palestinian's rights and to preserve Israel's right to exist as a Jewish-majority nation-state at the same time, is the two-state solution. it's not too late...it can and should be done. The international community, along with the UN security council and the United States, should move swiftly to enforce the two-state solution, with Jerusalem as a shared Capitol between both Israel and the nascent Palestinian nation-state: Arab East Jerusalem as the Capitol of Palestine, and Jewish West Jerusalem as the capitol of the Jewish-majority Nation-state of Israel.