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Why Using Trump’s Sanctions as 'Leverage' To Get More From Iran Won’t Work

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/10/why-using-trumps-sanctions-leverage-get-more-iran-wont-work

Some good points. However, the premise is fundamentally flawed; though not per the CIA veteran who wrote the article. The CIA has been in the business of F-ing up countries around the globe since its inception. In fact, NSC-10/2 was designed that way: To allow violations of international law, official lying, and cover for paramilitary exercises, along with developing the largest drug cartel in the world.

To even speak of ‘leverage’ is based on a premise of justification for it. There is no justification for it, in my opinion. I believe it was also the opinion of George Keenan- the sponsor of NSC-10/2, who lamented that it was “the greatest mistake I ever made”.

If you are suggesting that any author who spent a considerable time in the CIA should, when writing about Iran, give an unequivocal apology for the organization’s key role in overthrowing democracy - an illegal, unethical, and for both sides counterproductive action, then I agree. He did at least mention “and remember that Iran has plenty of grievances against the United States”.

But as far as the main point of the author that Biden should be offering to Iran an exact return to JCPOA with removal of Trump’s sanctions as opposed to saying we demand more, that argument is correct and I’m happy to have anyone who used to be in the CIA make it. I’m worried Biden who has a mostly horrendous take on foreign policy (at least he was against our crimes in Libya) will not follow the author’s advice and that when hardliners are elected in Iran in the spring, we (both sides) will be in a much worse situation.

Yes, that was one of the good points. But to then continue with suggesting that only after that return to the JCPOA can one begin to address Iran’s missile program? What about Iran’s missile program??? Israel won’t stop until Iran has been ‘neutralized’. Every arms strategist with an ounce of a brain knows that Iran- like North Korea- will never agree- nor should they. As I said, the author made some good points. But the topic was treated in a very myopic way, in my opinion.