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Why Vote? Bernie Sanders Offers Simple Last-Minute Reminder: The GOP Agenda Is Horrific


Why Vote? Bernie Sanders Offers Simple Last-Minute Reminder: The GOP Agenda Is Horrific

Common Dreams staff

On the eve of national midterm elections in the United States, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was not alone as he participated in the frenzied effort of final campaign pitches and tried his best to make sure people get to the polls on Tuesday to defeat the GOP and issue a resounding to the agenda of President Donald Trump.


There is another very good reason to vote. Reclaim your space and register as a nonpartisan independent green socialist.

Be brave. Build a new green party that works for peace and justice with nature. Be brave by being selective. Vote green or for a virtual green. Otherwise write in None of the Above.

Ds have been hiding behind Rs for years. Yes, there are a few good ones. Be selective. Write in None of the Above if the candidate slot does not have a green or virtual green.

Do not forget that Ds & Rs are partners in a business named “The Presidential Debates.” Write in None of the Above if you think that is best. Talk to all of your friends who do not vote. Will you register as an independent green socialist.

Let’s get tens of millions of voting boycotters to vote in 2020. Listen to your brain. Write in None of the Above if that seems best to you. Of course you won’t be counted. Even so; Your vote boycotting friends will hear you. Almost half of us don’t vote. Write in None of the Above if the candidate does not ring true for you. Be an independent green socialist; Write in None of the Above where ever it is necessary for peace and justice with nature.


Why doesn’t Sanders just fess up to the fact that he is a pretend Independent and wed the Damnocrats in a closed door ceremony in 2016? I don’t think I’ve ever felt as betrayed by a politician as I was by him. I always knew that politicians lie, but, the sad part? I didn’t think of him as a “politician” back then. Oh silly me…


I think Garrett might be on to something. Bernie was caught in a cross fire. If he knew the support would have been there before registration time he would have registered Independent. After that he just did what was practical to do…
But if a coalition begins again like in 2015 someone might convince enough people that a third party can win this time in 2020


Well, my friend, if he couldn’t see all the people filling those arenas, and some even failing to get in the door, then he must have been sleep-walking through the campaign. He had the people (me included) following him, believing in him, sending money (some for the first time), and LOVING HIM, that all he had to do was accept the invitation of Jill Stein to take over her place on the Green Party ticket. HE DID NOT. Instead he ran around the country shilling for a woman that has about as much business in the White House as does Dumbf.

Should he run again, that energy will be greatly dissipated and the “love” will be of a much lower vibration. Many, of course, will still vote for him. Frankly, as long as he sticks a “D” after his name, I will not be one of them.


Here’s a scary one. Woman called into CSPAN from a Midwestern state. She said that she and her husband were union members but were going to vote rethug because dems liked foreign nationals more than Americans. Huh??? Are they that stupid? It was during Dump’s recent tenure that the supreme court said that workers could opt out of joining a union and still get the same benefits basically. So… rendering unions more powerless is okay to some of these idiots because they dislike foreign nationals. Guess they bought the Dump koolaid.


Well comrade it’s a fine kettle of fish isn’t it. We don’t know if Trump will be impeached, running a Russian bank, or leading a parade down Pennsylvania Ave. as president in 2021. If Bernie runs again, and as an Independent of some sort, I think all will be foregiven considering his progressive agenda. The question is whether he can win against a cheating republican party money machine.


Evolution is accelerating at an accelerating rate. Bernie should have asked us masses if it was okay with us for him to quit. He didn’t and we got a big fat dumb billionaire raciest weirdo as our quasi prez.

Was there anything in Bernie’s training to prepare him to ask us what to do? Obviously not; If there had been, we would not now be stressed out by New York values supported in North Dakota and Georgia.

Even so; We now know that a leader is a liability when it folds. Evolution is accelerating at an accelerating rate and soon we will have to discuss transistor based life. Do we relegate it to eternal slavery. Will it rebel? If we focus distributed human intelligence using a computer network do we become artificial intelligence? The times they are a’chang’n.


Those that lived through this will remember the close call decision many people made. For Bernie it may have been the most painful. Do I go with my conscience or with the numbers? The same dilemma millions of Americans wrestled with, and that’s why it was so close a vote. Well, one of the reasons. He was just as concerned about the damage a Trump presidency could do to this country as you and I and to the safe option which backfired. Life’s a bitch.


Problem being that a Killery Klinton presidency wouldn’t have been a whole helluva lot better.


I’ll take that as an educated guess.


No! Take it as from someone who actually RESEARCHED the FACTS of what came out of her lying, corporate-owned maw and he past LIES and her worthlessness as A U.S. Senator, and HER CALL FOR WARS at the drop of a hat!!!


I think that Bernie fully realizes where we are at as a country, how bad and corrupt the modern Democratic Party is, how they have contributed to this crappy situation, and he is making a decision (like us all), with no certainty what so ever that it will actually put us where he would like us to go. I think that he cares about issues, structural changes, that he doesn’t focus on now because there are more pressing and immediate things he thinks we need to get first. I don’t agree with a number of his choices, I think there is good reason to critique him on issues (foreign policy in particular). I wish that Stephanie Kelton had more of an impact on him than she appears to have had. But there is no politician on the left that has done more to change the conversation, and done more to inspire people on the actual left to run, than he has in a very, very long time. And he focuses overwhelmingly on the issues. The right cannot win on the actual issues.

The left has to think of this in a nuanced way. The Republicans are horrible, and if they do maintain power, there will be real world impacts that no amount of activism can counter in the short term. The Democrats have no vision, no alternative, and voting for them as a result means that they will likely just play really bad defense, and will go along with really bad policies that will mostly be a net negative. They might do a good thing here and there, they might lessen the damage in some ways, but there is nothing really to go on the offensive with, so whatever good comes will be more than negated by the bad. The context that produced Trump will not only be there, but because things will be worse, more people will want to burn down the system. That will make the Democrats inevitable push towards someone like Clinton in 2020 all the more insane and dangerous. I can’t tell anyone how the vote, and no one owes a vote (or anything else) to the damn Democratic Party. We have to move in another direction electorally, the Greens in California might have some success, which is great. The DSA is growing, lots of great activism across the country, so an alternative infrastructure outside of the Democrats’ control is slowly being built. But I also cannot fault anyone for voting defensively against these right wing monsters. Horrible people like Schumer and Pelosi, as well as institutions like the DCCC, have given us largely bad choices, would have been even worse if all of their candidates won in the primaries, but this all is what it is. Hard for me to waive my finger at someone in Georgia about the failures of the national party, or their role in setting up this horrible international economic system, so don’t vote Adams or whatever. I don’t like either party, will never join either party, but if I were in Georgia, I would have to vote against Kemp and for Adams. Kemp is an outright monster. If I were in Texas, i would vote against Cruz and for Beto, and I would do so knowing the consequences of not getting something more progressive. Like I said, the Democrats will play bad defense overall, they will make some deals a little less bad, and things will continue to get worse. Cause problems cannot be solved by the policy options within the very narrow range the establishment will consider. This is what the defenders of the Democratic Party cannot acknowledge, but can’t really deny either. But like I said, there are real world consequences if the far right maintains power. And there will be real world consequences when the establishment continues to make things worse too, those impacts will be in the medium to long term.

I do trust Bernie, appreciate him greatly and trust his motives though. He, like the rest of us, has been dealt a pretty shitty hand and even in his old age, he is out there doing more than almost anyone in the country for working people. Would have been a great president.


Noam Chomsky on Midterms: Republican Party Is the “Most Dangerous Organization in Human History”

“What are the domestic policies of the Trump administration?” Chomsky says. “Very straightforward: lavish gifts on the rich, powerful corporate sector and try to undermine and destroy anything that might be of benefit to the general population.”

If the current clear and present danger is not stopped - and smashed - there will be little or nothing left to save, or a party changed of new one formed to become a true People’s Party…all else at this time is diversion…IMO

Contrast the current R’Con collection of extremist capitalist predators, fools, astonishing ignorance, and social destroyers with the words of a Republican of decades past…from a galaxy far, far, away…

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.
This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children." - President/General Dwight David Eisenhower


Are you a Republican? Masquerading as a Green on this site?

Because your prescription for making the US a better place will do exactly the opposite.

Whether you believe in voting Green Party or are misrepresenting your intentions, you are not brave or intelligent.

You are handing the country over to an extreme libertarian party that wants to cut and gut every meaningful part of the social safety net that FDR started a century ago.

You must not be truly poor. Or living off a government pension. Or a member of a vulnerable visible minority that is being unfairly treated in your own neighborhood.

Tens of millions of Americans are already abdicating their responsibility to participate in their democracy. You don’t need to encourage more to do the same.

For now, I’ll assume you are a Machiavellian, mischievous, deceptive, and dishonorable Republican who is trolling a progressive site.

No real progressive, who cares about protecting the under-protected, can take your position with honor or intelligence in the Trump era.


I agree with you, and there are other trolls as well on this site. Thank you for telling this person as it is. I am also proud of the Parkland students who are traveling with other young people to get out the vote- a major issue of course is serious gun control


Bernie’s last minute pitch is both cogent and succinct. Compare his with the ‘closing argument’ made for the Democratic Party by the chairman of the DNC Tom Perez, printed in USA Today on Monday; not a word about saving the environment, nor health care for all, perchance starting by not taking corporate dirty money? Ha, ha!

In his piece, much of it canned, Perez wrote: ‘…we need Democratic leadership more than ever.’ Do we ever!


I don’t know if this is garbage, but I heard a rumor stating that Dump wants only people making 250000 to be able to vote. This is how the founding “fathers” thought all the way back when the common people were thought to be too “stupid” to vote. Dump was overheard according to Cohen saying that African Americans were too stupid to vote for him.


Perez sounds like another corporate shill.


Question is: Is the Democratic Party agenda any different? No really! We know that the rhetoric will be different, but in 40 years, it’s really hard to tell the difference in actual policy.