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Why Was Berta Cáceres Assassinated?


Why Was Berta Cáceres Assassinated?

Beverly Bell

A few numbers begin to reveal why Honduran indigenous leader and global movement luminary, Berta Cáceres, was assassinated on March 3, 2016.


Just remember, this is, in-part (no small part), what Hillary wrought with her support of the 2009 coup that toppled Zelaya. This is Hillary's idea of promoting democracy in our Hemisphere. This is what you get when you support someone who thinks Henry Kissinger is a great statesman and Sec. of State, and a role model. F#$% her and the horse she rode in on. #BernieorBust


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She knew too much and could not be bought.


Any person who would be murdered because she defends this Earth and knows her life at risk for the same as Berta surely knew has a beautiful and a divine soul. Hers was a beauty we should all embrace. It took tremendous courage.

Her enemies and those that plotted and schemed against her, and desired her death are the very definition of evil.

I never knew this woman but I love this woman.


You shall also see more war, quite possibly. Her pay-back list must cover a few pages of fine print...


JFK's and his brother Bobby's deaths told future presidents what to do to survive: agree with your bo$$e$ or else...


She criticized Clinton and was killed a few days later, though I don't know that a causal correlation can be found or documented.

Honduras was also a key stop off for CIA-related transport of Colombian cocaine during Ollie North's operations. We know that there are still Americans using cocaine and that the legal situation remains similar, so there is little reason to imagine that this has changed.


Funny how Secretary of State Clinton (and President Obama) supported the coup. Funny also that the leaders of the coup, the people currently in power, donated millions to the Clinton family business. (I do not know if the "donation" came before the coup or after.) And those in Honduras who resist the big business takeover of their country keep getting killed. In a small nation in which hundreds of American soldiers are based.
Is the U.S. government (Obama, Clinton, John Kerry) behind the killings or turning a blind eye to them? Either way, they are complicit. And, no doubt, the big businesses taking over Honduras are filling (American) politicians' campaign coffers.