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Why Was Heath Mello Thrown Under the Bus?


Why Was Heath Mello Thrown Under the Bus?

D.D. Guttenplan

OMAHA, NebraskaOn my first morning here in Nebraska, I walked right into a glass wall. “Wow! Didn’t see that coming,” I thought, as the blood poured down my nose. So I have some sense of what it must have been like for Heath Mello, the young Democrat trying to get elected mayor of the biggest city in one of the country’s deepest-red states, when Tom Perez and the Democratic National Committee threw him under the bus last week.


He should name his first daughter Marsha.


I'm all for the right to choose to have an abortion (within the guidance of Roe v Wade) if one chooses, but especially now, abortion rights needs to get in line behind a dozen far more important issues...


Why the hell is 'daily kos' getting involved in a mayoral race in Nebraska? And isn't it true that RUPERT-FLOKKING-MURDOCH owns the wall street journal now???? It appears we have an excellent example of 3 (dk/wsj/wp) so-called news sites that are nothing more than purveyors of fake news!


If you believe in an absolute right to reproductive rights and abortion, then you belong in the Green Party, which believes that those rights are NEVER up for debate or compromise. Please join me in leaving the corporately-owned, sell-out Democrats. #Demexit 2017!


THANK YOU! I was part of the #DemExit and have not regretted it for a moment. It's CLEAR that the parties are now in the business of manipulating our electoral process so heavily that we no longer live in a democracy. They can kiss my sweet patootie for another vote from me. They killed any desire I might have had to assist them in any way. It SHOULD be about giving the people more viable options - not less!


The fight among Democratic and Progressive websites, and the money raised to support those entities, continues. Daily Kos has been held captive for almost a decade now by the (NDAA ) National Democratic Apparatchiks Association ) and is no friend of anyone with only $27 to contribute to their opinionating. And, furthermore, NARAL and Planned Parenthood members are often quite comfortable hanging out at the Democratic or Republican Country Clubs in Plantation, Georgia. It's a shorter drive from the suburban gated communities nearby, one imagines.
As to Mr. Mello; in Omaha he's definitely a very progressive male Catholic legislator, whose religious beliefs must be viewed through an appropriate regional lens. Which historically has been very conservative and frankly, more than a little racist in orientation.
Mr. Mello, if Perez and Logue had done their homework, would have won the endorsement of all national groups who line up with the center-right Clintonista/Obama faction of the Country Club set.


The democrat party not to long ago decided to allow corporate money to be donated to the party...Sense then the party officials have become zombies for corporate greed...That's why we ended up with Hillary as the party candidate instead of Bernie..We got to get rid of corporate plants(lackeys) inside the party...Corporate no matter what party has only one goal...To keep corporate in charge and sell out its voter base....Seems like the democrat party is pandering to its voter base with the usual lies to get elected ..Once in they renege on their promises and vote corporate and they always use some lame excuse for going along...Yeah it's called greed and corruption.....Obama was full of promises and ideas ..Until he got elected..We learned real quick who he was working for...Corporate....Now he is on a permanent vacation of fun and frolic....Every day we see pictures of him and his family having a blast at our expense and getting 400k for a speech...nice eh.....Trump is doing the same thing and he is doing it while in office..Everyday he screws us more and more...and once he gets his four years in he can go back to his tower and start raking it in because of all his deregulating and tax cutting, it was all planned that way, he is out for Trump...Again a USA president sells out his base for riches...I think Trump is reneging on his promises because he has a goal...I dont think he really cares about a second term..thats why he is selling us out..it was his plan all along...He doesn't worry about getting voted out, because I dont think he will run again..and with that bit of worry out of the way, then promises be damned, do what you want who cares what the voters think..(He will do as he pleases because he is The Donald)). He has fixed it so he can get rich in his old days...and leave it all to his corrupted bunch of greedy children so they can keep fking the voters for years to come....Wake up stupids quit voting for these assholes...Yes I mean you..If you're a Trump fan YOU are stupid.


Mr. Mello would be quite a progressive counterweight to Nebraska Sens. Sasse and Fischer. They are proven Republican lackey Corporate lovers, in bed with Big Oil and the likes of Monsanto and Big Corporate Agribusiness. Maybe Mr. Mello should join the Omaha Country Club and invite Mr. Perez, Mr. Molitsas and Ms. Logue for a round of golf and cocktails. That's if he can handle the resulting hangover.


I really appreciate this article. It is the only one I found that corrected the seriously wrong stories by WSJ and WaPo, spread uncritically by NARAL, and also gave some history and local context.


There are no absolute rights. For anything. Period. If the Green Party makes such an assertion it lies. Roe v Wade does not establish an absolute right. Right wingers like to assert that it does so. They like to assert that doctors and perfectly healthy women kill perfectly healthy unborn in the ninth month. That is in fact murder. Not an abortion issue.


Can't agree with the "get in line" part. Women's rights are not some side issue.


To know Omaha and Nebraska politics it helps to have lived there. Abortion is a major wedge issue. Most Democratic women vote for national pro-choice candidates ( SCOTUS ) and then move on. Mr. Mello seems to be evolving. And, this is a false flag operation run by Proxy Perez & Clintonistas. NARAL members I know are 50/50 Democratic or Republican. It's always about 1%ers and their $$$.


The Greens will treat abortion as an absolute right that we will not interfere with, and will do everything to end all policies that interfere with that right. Also, we could say that it's a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy up to the minute she goes into labor if we choose to do so politically. In other words, none of your effing business.


What you have just proposed is murder. Not abortion. That is everyone's business. If you don't understand that you are profoundly ignorant.


The article is great at showing how the internal fight for/among the Democratic National Committee purse string holders and platform is far from over. Sandernistas vs. Clintonistas & Ohbots.
Incidentally, Mr. Kos himself has a post about the subjects surrounding this semi-major dust up.
Abortion is a matter that is between the woman seeking one and the physician, or provider, she's in consultation with. It's really nobody else's damn business ( especially religious fanatics ), imo. I say support her decision and her, either way. Enough, already.


No, I'm sick of superior moralists like you.


You're sick of morality period. A guy in Philadelphia was sent to prison for following your reasoning. Why don't you walk the walk by trying to get him freed? Maybe the Green Party will make it a campaign since they have this absolute position you describe. Or are they and you just empty shells.

The name is Gosnell.