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Why We Are Joining the March on Harrisburg

Why We Are Joining the March on Harrisburg

Frances Moore Lappé, Adam Eichen

A little over a year ago, we embarked on a journey that would forever change our lives. With Democracy Spring, we marched from Philadelphia to Washington D.C. and then risked arrest in front of the Capitol. Our demands were simple: get big money out of our political system and end the systematic assault on voting rights.

In addition to Oregon having automatic voter registration for all those issued drivers licenses, OR along with WA state also have “vote by mail-in ballots”. Together, both of these measures increase voter participation, provides for leisurely review & study of the candidates & initiatives, and eliminates all the wasteful time waiting in lines to vote at polling stations, etc. Two simple, cost effective process changes that ensure greater sovereignty for citizens participation in democracy. This should be common practice nationally! Steve Crider