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Why We Can't Arrest Our Way to "Justice"


Why We Can't Arrest Our Way to "Justice"

Rebecca Gordon

You’ve heard of distracted driving? It causes quite a few auto accidents and it’s illegal in a majority of states.


A quick Google search provides quite a trove of idiotic laws passed in the United States by Very Serious People. The author has overlooked the religious background that fuels this insane, weird, and sick obsession with punishment, namely Calvinism, the founding sect of our nation, whose tenets are harsh, punitive, elitist, and essentially founded in a dark mean spirited view of the universe.


It’s a shame that Gordon’s otherwise well reasoned argument for restorative justice is marred by her employment of the sham that was South Africa’s “reconciliation” as a example of same.

Apartheid ended only for black elites, Mandela included. The ANC betrayed the mass of non white South Africans, and the white exploitocracy operates as before, without the onus of de jure racism to hinder their greed.

Ask the Marikana miners about the “peace” that process wrought.


We can create legislation that increasingly puts more average US citizens in violation of local, State and Federal laws, but we can’t seem to prosecute and imprison those in government that lie, cheat and steal. Those in power at the time of the GWB invasion of Iraq who lied to the American people about weapons of mass destruction to facilitate the invasion have never been called to answer for their crimes against Iraq and the theft of US wealth to fund their war against humanity.


We have way too many people in jail for non-violent “offenses”, i.e. drugs, and meanwhile violent criminals that should never get out of jail are released after a short sentence to go out and commit more violence. Then the criminals that run the prisons can say" we need to expand".