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Why We Can't Ignore U.S. Military Emissions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/07/why-we-cant-ignore-us-military-emissions


Wow that is horrifying-----the American military kills men, women, children and trees and plants and food source and water and clean air, by having 800 bases around the world and ships and drones and really awful killer soldiers like the ones in the collateral murder video.
Does the military not understand that when so many planes are flying and bombs dropping, and natural resources are being stole or destroyed n-------that this nation is the 21st century Darth Vader, and Vlad the Impaler all in one?
By poisoning the air, water and food and soil, YOU, American Military are killing the entire planet! I’ve even read that bombs dropped long ago in Cambodia and Vietnam are STILL KILLING PEOPLE!
America, please stay home and work on establishing justice , insuring domestic tranquility, but I’ve given up on that" more perfect union.," However offing your own planet is insanity. I don’t know if military minds can comprehend this------but killing where you live kills everything----including you , the bizarro military leaders: (


Reason #umpteen that climate chaos is a foregone conclusion.

The gas mileage of an F-35 is not good.


How does one tell the largest polluting organization in the world, that their existence is killing the World?

When they couldn’t give a shit what anyone says.

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They don’t care. Just ask the jacket that says “really don’t care, do you?”
They have their underground shelters with hydroponic gardens, water from underground sources that are clean, and maybe a Thunderdome ham and methane plant.
Life is getting too close to science fiction to suit me.

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Thanks for publishing this! That’s right, any form of Green new Deal has to include a massive reduction in military spending, otherwise it’s just hot air. But it’s not just that the US militarty is the largest institutional user and polluter with oil but also it’s destructive role in the global economy. I believe it was Gore Vidal that described the US military as the “global oil protection service.” Our “dependence on fossil fuels” really represents an excuse made by elites for their dependence on the massive profits fossil fuels generate and their geostratigic significance in controlling them if you want to dominate the world as the US decided to after 1945.


War seems to be the lynch pin of the US economy. Wouldn’t it be great if all those resources - money & manpower, were used to repair the broken down infrastructure of the “Excited States of Paranoia” !!!

Yes it would be nice - more than nice. But it would not enrich the .1%.

I wrote a brief article on the topic at the beginning of the year


Hi Gandolf:
LOL, but who will be waiting on and doing the work for the rich and soulless? Oh yeah, a bunch of WE the People! : )This should be interesting. : )