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Why We Fight About Pride Parades


Why We Fight About Pride Parades

Saurav Sarkar

Pride marks a time when tens of thousands of people hit the streets in fabulous attire to dance, celebrate, and memorialize the spirit of love and resistance.

Lost in the partying, though, is the darker side of Pride. In the Capital Pride parade in DC, for example, visitors were joined by floats from weapons manufacturer Northrop Grumman, the Metropolitan Police Department, and Wells Fargo. More generally, corporate sponsorship is ubiquitous throughout Pride events.


Our gay brothers and sisters are always going to be our brothers and sisters. They are people, just like us all.

It is only politicians that use sexual orientation to divide us. Politicians are not, like us all. Most, lie, cheat, and steal in order to advance. Worst of all, they do these things once they gain our trust.


Companies like Wells Fargo & the MIC should be barred from parades. The military is homophobic, war & sexual harassment friendly.:open_mouth::open_mouth::frowning::fearful::fearful: