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Why We Have To Break Up Amazon

Why We Have To Break Up Amazon

Isaiah Poole

The European Union’s Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager may be onto the location of the soft spot on Amazon’s armor, where a well-placed antitrust arrow could be used to bring the digital behemoth down to size.


As I said to you in previous post, the truth has to be repeated and repeated and then repeated again on all the news organization that print truths. Fox listeners will never be believer of facts and truth.

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Large corporations offer economies of scale. A better idea is to cap personal net worth by yearly referendum and distribute cap excesses to all citizens equally, as a Universal Income. A game changer, best achieved in a direct democracy:


Ironically, Amazon should be threatened with nationalization. That would make Bozos pull his hair out, as it were.


Yes, that way the government can track all my purchases too.

What is it with people and nationalizing stuff? You guys haven’t been to a DMV lately?

I remember in the 90s and early 00s how some were making fun of AMZN how they never made profit and how investors should give up. Guess who’s laughing now?

Hi natureboy,

I like your ideas, but I also think giant monopolies should be broken up or nationalized. We should do both.
Too much wealth & power in too few hands is always a danger & harm to “one person, one vote” democracy.
The two approaches to economic equality and social justice are complimentary, not mutually exclusive.


I agree: capitalism and its ever-worsening concentration of wealth & power among only 1% is the core problem for the common people 99% majority to solve.

Capitalism must be replaced with eco-socialism or the common people will never achieve a true & fully democratic government.

And without a true & fully democratic government…global warming & nuclear war will likely end all life on earth!

Therefore, there isn’t much time left to replace capitalism with eco-socialism – to save democracy & life on earth!

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The govt. tracks everything we do now, everything.

Amazon, Walmart, and other corporations’ software advancements have made it easier for “the govt. to track everything we do now”.

“We need to agitate for the next John Sherman to step up” ?
Ralph Nader IS the “next John Sherman”. As soon as he gained traction with his progressive agenda a half century ago the corporations, their media and politicians turned him into a pariah, just as they will with “the next John Sherman to step up”, and “the next John Sherman”, and “the next John Sherman”.

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A people’s monopoly?

What do you mean?

I agree that too much wealth and power in too few hands is a danger. Democracy was going to fix that but concentrating wealth centralized power into the hands of Kochs and America became an oligarchy, a dictatorship of the 1%…

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Maybe they track you. They ain’t tracking me.

You’re on to something with economies of scale. Giant retail corporations however profit most by sweat shop labor in the 3rd World where subsistence living requires minimal income. Another more pertinent savings is least cost but most fossil fuel for transport. Amazon is like another Seattle corporation, Costco, which bankrupts local retailers but increases the fuel requirement for transport (by as much as 10x). Walmart, Target and big box retail profit on this same model which clogs streets and highways with traffic, pollutes air and waterways, and sends mercenary armies abroad for oil acquisition by force.

Amazon supports the idea of a Universal Basic Income because they want us to believe self-driving car tech is possible and would supposedly reduce their cost for transport. Even though it isn’t possible, goddamnit, Amazon et al can continue to bankrupt local retail competition without it. A fraudulent ruse is being conducted with self-driving car tech and should be exposed as such. Vehicle technology mostly needs to electrify immediately, but EVs are inherently safer and replaced less frequently, a profit loss for automobile-related business interests.

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Do you imagine being a totalitarian toady keeps you safe? Or do you perhaps have some kind of shiny hat that makes you impossible to track?


Amazon does nasty things to customers as well as staff, authors, and
independent book stores. See stallman.org/amazon.html for details.

Just breaking up Amazon is not enough – we should prevent it from
continuing to do what it does now.

Speak for yourself. I have yet to have a bad experience with Amazon and have been using them since 2000.

Today i just saw my sprinkler controller broke. Purchased one from Amazon and they will deliver a new one before 2100 tonight. Free delivery. DO i really need it tonight? Not rally, but it’ll have all Sun to install it.

A few months ago, the dryer wouldn’t start. On a Sunday. Turned out the door switch was broken. Rigged it to run then, and Mr. Bezos delivered a switch the next day before 2000.

Why are some people so gung ho punishing success?

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Nope, i’m just too unimportant to waste time on. Plus, all the online profiles different marketers compiled of me are mostly wrong.

I’m unfamiliar with the term “totalitarian toady”. Please explain. Is that someone who wants government to nationalize telecom, banks and any other successful private enterprises?

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A few gems from your link:

" Amazon offered a “30-day free trial”, and started paid subscriptions automatically at the end of it."

How about you read the agreement before clicking “I agree”.

" Amazon’s new grocery stores do not accept cash. They impose the same surveillance as ordering online from Amazon"

Go to another grocery store. Or better yet, use the AMZN card, get cash back.

" The Swindle has a universal back door through which that Amazon can forcibly change the software. This is called “auto-update”. It puts the user helplessly at Amazon’s mercy."

Seriously, uncheck auto update.

By all means tho. Don’t use Amazon. Walking to a store does you good. Then walk to another if they don’t have what you need, or another. You could buy it from AMZN and go to movie or a protest instead.

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