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Why We in Colombia and Elsewhere Reject US Intervention in Venezuela

Why We in Colombia and Elsewhere Reject US Intervention in Venezuela

Gustavo Petro

Humanity is experiencing times characterized by change, instability and above all, fear. It’s experiencing a structural transition which, in the case of Latin America, is causing panic. Failing to understand that our society requires transformation, anachronistic forces currently governing us are engaged in desperate attempts to avoid the reforms our society demands thereby rendering it ever more fragile. In this regard, the apparent danger of a foreign military invasion of Venezuela would initiate an absurd war, impacting the entire region.

CD thank you for posting this thoughtful, sensitive and therefore valuable writing from our neighbors in South America. One problem here is although our government has been practicing imperialism for hundreds of years, they have still come to the table somewhat later than their older established counterparts.
And as a junior colonial practitioner with the most costly war machine, those in power only want more of all they can steal.
Here in the usa, we must look beyond our country and learn from our neighbors. This is the right time to make the structural changes needed for survival of humanity and the earth which gives us life.


I was in Mexico City in the summer of 1979. One evening while leaving my hotel with my friends to explore and seek some dinner we encountered a demonstration march of angry people. While none of us spoke Spanish, we were able to understand one of the messages both in written and spoken form: “YANKEE GO!” Taking this quite personally we turned tail and retreated back into the hotel for the evening where we eventually learned that the protest was against US’ incursion/involvement in Nicaragua. It was a powerful lesson at the time as I was then much more full of hormones than self reflection. Such lessons are not available through TV, video games, or even the internet, as the palpable emotion of the crowd could only be captured by a human receptor–video imaging simply would not do. The situation in Venezuela reminds me too much of events of forty (and more) years ago. Empires don’t wait for welcome mats, they break down the doors and rush in with guns (neocons) or loans (neolibs). I don’t know if I will live long enough to see the Empire collapse. I hold a macabre ambivalence regarding that issue. The inconvenience it would sure cause me (us) would be great, but I have always loved Underdog…


This illustrates why the empire of predatory capitalism with socialism for those interests - and their military branch - demonizes socialism when it is for the sustainable equilibrium of the planet and social groups. It is one of the primary blades of division. No more enemies to kill would mean empire would collapse like a soufflé. This is a good thing. Because ultimately, “socialism” and all of the isms are empireś narrative to steal thoughts from your mind, words from your mouth and actions from your life. When they demonize socialism, remember what is being done with monopolies that result in collapse of mega mining tailings dams. Is anyone asking - if this so adnvanced a civilization, why is it incapable of not being a poisoning, unstable, lying, cheating sack of deadly problems???

To all young people in the military… it is NOT your only option to prove your love.


i lived in Panama for 3 years as a teenager. there was a resentment that we were there from the military. as a teen i enjoyed the beaches, roadside stands and school but was forever touched by the poverty outside our fort gates. we need to stay out of Venezuela and let them deal with their issues as a country

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This is one of the most succinct ways of exemplifying the difference between neolib and neocon approaches I’ve seen. Nicely done! I’ll use it when next in company I encounter someone who doesn’t know the terms.


Don’t forget the OIL - right there on the U.S doorstep. Bolton and Co. Ltd. see OIL first and then Socialism which they despise, Franco style.

Unfortunately, Sr. Petro’s regal “we” (the Colombian left) is a small minority in Colombia - at least as small as in the USA - as past votes for:

  • right wing Presidents like Uribe and now Duque,

  • referenda rejecting peace with a disarmed FARC,

  • And now, revived death squad activity against left and labor activists in Colombia, barely reported in the media.

So, dear compañero Petro, take care…

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You could be in luck if one of the major powers wants to challenge any of what we do.
Will we back off, or flex muscle?

My reasoning to your question is: GREED.

The glorification of past US military attacks is evidence of the building momentum for a US military attack in Venezuela.

In listening to pundits pontificate about the necessity for US intervention in Venezuela, I was struck by comments that some US military interventions have been indisputable successes. Below is an article that points to how the US military attack on Panama ‘ended well’. Of course the only one’s who would dispute this are the families and friends of the hundreds to thousands of Panamanians that US soldiers slaughtered - but, in the eyes of US mainstream media, these folk don’t count.


For those who forgot:

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Why? Because you’re sane, rational human beings who understand corruption
when you see it and try to act against it.