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Why We Just Blocked Boris Johnson on His Way to See the Queen

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/24/why-we-just-blocked-boris-johnson-his-way-see-queen


Beautiful, simple, non-violent protest. The names Boris and Trump sound indicative of their nature and mindset. Global warming will upset our food production not unlike dead bees. There is a mass diet in our future. When gas was scarce in the Seventies, the wealthy hoarded it. Panic and chaos ensues or governments can be forced to drastically change. Watch China change. The Chinese have been one of the most pragmatic societies forever, 5,000 bc. Regardless of politics or economics, China changes and survives. Blocking Boris is another brick in the wall. Watch the old Vietnam War protests. I was in some and it got ugly because it was about money and moral bankruptcy. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy had all sworn to stop the Vietnam War and they were all murdered by our government. We do not have commissions. We have fronts. America is worth fighting for and this fight is old. Love it or leave it is from 68. Fight.


I have ten rules of fighting inspired by Sun Tzu. I can’t lay any blame on him for their inadequacy, but here they are:

  1. don’t fight
  2. don’t fight
  3. don’t fight
  4. don’t fight
  5. don’t fight
  6. don’t fight
  7. don’t fight
  8. don’t fight
  9. don’t fight
  10. don’t lose

This world has kicked me up to number ten.

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I can almost hear BJ telling his driver to “run the piss-ants over.”

Johnson is not a legally installed PM and there is simply too much at stake to just roll over and accept him as one.

Heard it post 2001 with the Bush camp. Love the Iraq war or move to a different country.