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Why We Must Fiercely Defend Those Who Defend the Earth


Why We Must Fiercely Defend Those Who Defend the Earth

Payal Parekh

The climate movement has repeatedly demonstrated keeping fossil fuels in the ground can’t be left to governments alone to achieve, but that environmental defenders are essential. However, these defenders are often met with abuse and extreme violence; it is imperative that they are granted the legal recognition, security and protection of the state they deserve.


So true. Defenders need to be protected against government and business violence. To think that business-owned governments (a redundancy) are going to do that is naive, at best. Ecological, peace, and justice activists have to be protected by the messages coming from a free internet (also under assault by those governments and businesses); by massive numbers, by our extraordinary refusal, in these extraordinary times, to accept violence in service of delaying action on climate catastrophe and all the subsidiary issues we need to change to get climate action immediately.


Putting the lives on the line

So that the planet doesn't cross it