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Why We Must Fight the Attack on Planned Parenthood


Why We Must Fight the Attack on Planned Parenthood

Robert Reich

On Thursday, right-wing extremists in the U.S. House of Representatives will vote to try to defund Planned Parenthood, one of the nation's largest providers of women's health care and family planning services.


Ya know what?...I have a hard enough time taking care of my own body that it really bothers me that there is someone out there telling women what they can or can not do for Them Selves...it's their body, not mine, not someone in congress or should that be degress...what a bunch of Control Freaks, Corrupt Control Freaks...fix something that is broken and leave these women alone...fix something like the division between church and state...or the fund for housing for the poor through HUD...OR CITIZENS UNITED...it is not in their job description to tell people what to be doing, we are the one's who tell them what they can and cannot do...women are not 2nd or 3rd or 4th class citizens.


It is written within the laws that cover Planned Parenthood that there is to be no funding for abortions. They may send a woman to a clinic for that but they don't provide that service, Period. It's in and on the books that they can't. The cover women's health needs that they themselves cannot afford. Screening for breast cancer, pap-smears and the like.

How much are you being paid thunder1? Is your real screen name troll1? I've read some of your other postings and you either have a giant chip on your shoulder or you are being paid. Which is it?


It would seem you are one of those who gets their news from little edited YouTube videos. if not, you would know that the federal government does not pay for abortions, period...so your statement that they are reaching into your pocket to pay for something you are vehemently against reflects either willful or just crass ignorance. Stop spreading the lie: become informed. if you don't feel women should have the right to choose, take that to the Supreme Court, which has stated they DO.


Agree. The best way to not bare unwanted off-spring is to keep one's zipper or panties up, or to wear a condom. No way should the public be taxed to kill human babies simply because they have not yet gained the ability to defend themselves


Don't feed the trolls.


Do you have the basic biological knowledge that CONTRACEPTIVES (aka: birth control) PREVENT unplanned PREGNANCY???? oNLY 3% of what Planned Parenthood does is abortion--and NO TQAX PAYERS MONEY FUNDS ABORTION (that's been true since the late 1970s Hyde Amendment), So your precious tax dollars remain "pure". The "overall evil" is taht in the 21st century MEN LIKE YOU still think you ahve a "god_given right to tell women what to do with our bodies & our lives.


A human fetus is indeed a blob of tissue until it develops to the point of taking on fully human characteristics. Even ancient Jewish law recognizes this, specifying that a fetus isn't a person until at least six months or so into a pregnancy. If one accepts the childish and simplistic view that even an early fetus is a human, the door is opened to the eventual criminalization of masturbation and casual sex -- which might indeed be what the Bible-thumpers are after. Don't fall for the moronic argument that every woman must be enslaved by any sperm that manages to invade her egg. The Middle Ages have been behind us for a while now.


Well, ya, but it was just a little bait on a hook, thanks though, it does make me feel better being validated and all...


Is that you Rep. Sensenbrenner (R-WI) or one of your staff writing this basura?

NEVER has Planned Parenthood funded abortions NEVER NEVER NEVER nor is the procedure done at a Planned Parenthood Clinic. It simply refers seekers to reputable medical personnel and hospitals where they are performed under sterile conditions. T-1, would you rather that a woman who has anguished over the decision to seek an abortion be relegated to a situation where, in total desperation, she goes to a motel in funky town where some "abortionist" will take her $$$ and perform whatever procedure they rely on in the least possible sterile conditions. Then the woman is left on her own without any follow up care and the possibility of deadly infection or sterility. Is that what you and your short-sighted, judgmental, ignorant, uncaring anti-choice stand want for women?

Why not open your mind to FACTS and practice some loving-kindness, extend compassion to others, and leave hate in the gutter where it belongs.