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Why We Must Get Big Money Out of Politics


Why We Must Get Big Money Out of Politics

Robert Reich

The most important thing we must do to save our democracy is get big money out of politics. It’s a prerequisite to accomplishing everything else.

Today, big money continues to corrupt American politics – creating a vicious cycle that funnels more wealth and power to those at the top and eroding our democracy.

In the 2018 midterm elections, wealthy donors and Super-PACs poured millions into the campaigns of the same lawmakers who voted to pass the 2017 tax cuts, which gave them huge windfalls.


Why do you keep calling them “donations”, Robert. They are plain and simply gubmit sanctioned BRIBES.

When the mafia or other unsanctioned organized criminal organizations bribe politicians they get locked up. When corporations and other sanctioned organized criminal organizations bribe politicians they get wealthier AND gain more political power.


It hasn’t been about democracy for a very long time. Its all about capitalism. The US has been the #1 enemy of democracy around the developing world for at least a century.

We have not been fighting communism so much as making the free world safe for capitalism. We Americans have never really cared about this, or about the millions that have and continue to die, because we have been the primary beneficiaries.

Over the last 50 years or so this same dynamic has been focusing more and more on domestic extraction of the wealth of the population. Democracy…where?

Our government is of the rich - by the rich - for the rich…period!


And now federal courts all the way up top the SCOTUS are stacked so the wealthy simply put legislation they don’t like on trial knowing in advance that the judges they own will rule in their favor. Federal courts are now the de facto lawmakers in Murka.


Very well said…Golf clap. Yet we know this and we the people do nothing still.


If it’s rigged, it ain’t democracy.


Call it what it is a PLUTOCRACY. This is a great article and u tube link. The game is fixed and has been for a very long time but now more in your face.


These “bribes” were also what was used by Corproations to get things like NAFTA passed , the repeal of Glass Steagall , welfare reform, changes to consumer bankruptcy laws and massive privatization schemes during the Clinton presidency.

Mr Reich is churning out these articles as if the issues just of a sudden became apparent to him and tends to always use as examples Republican donors and recipients to make his points. Just yesterday there one where he praised Ms Pelosi just as example who is also on the receiving end of all of these bribes.

The Clinton foundation and Hilary R Clinton also received a whole lot of these bribes, yet as I recall Mr Reich was fully onboard with her campaign for President. Yes it important to get the dirty money out of Politics and this in every country on earth. It also as important to get the dirty Politicians out of politics.


Actually, you’re probably wrong about the Mafia. They’ve been a steady source of political cash in NV, NJ, NY, Chicago, CA, et. al. for … about ever.


And the bribes aren’t even bribes any more. The current crop of Kongress Kritters are such supplicants to the oligarchs, plutocrats and corporations, that these are bonuses rather than bribes.


Notice that the Reich applied all those words without once even mentioning Citizens United? There must be some grand strategy Iḿ too dense to recognize…


Thank you for that clarification. …
“We have not been fighting communism so much as making the free world safe for capitalism.”
Demonize all that is not predatory capitalism eight ways from Sunday, all day every day and twice on Saturday


Big Money out of government? Big Money IS the government!

If its not direct, its not democracy.

BTW, God bless Jimmy Dore.


Very true! One can debate whether communism is a good or bad form of government, but what is not up for debate, is that communism is an anathema to capitalism and the economic, elite.


As much as I find myself in agreement with the vast majority of what Robert Reich SAYS, one of the organizations he chairs called Common Cause has absolutely and consistently stymied the efforts of Wolfpac to do exactly what his article calls for: eliminating (or or at least minimizing) the corrupting influence of big, dark money in politics.

Common Cause presumably does some good work on other fronts, but in these instances, it has started last minute “whisper campaigns” in various state houses in order to prevent a vote on legislation for a free and fair election. In such cases the State legislatures were heavily in support of the reforms and it was bipartisan.

It is nauseating to see folks like him do things like that.


Hey…let’s keep on having this discussion, if for no other reason for how good it feels to have it. Facts only matter when wealth and power say they matter. Did any one hear the one about…


Agree with everything you write, but remove the word “free” from world, since the USA is less free than many nations on this planet. It’s just a propaganda term, just as is “defense spending” rather than “military spending.”


True, they should if honesty really is the best policy, those handouts ought to be called “bribes” or at the very least “emoluments,” but that can’t happen for the same reason it is currently impossible to get the money out of politics.— too many outstretched hands, too many people think the “system” is working for them and rewarding them richly by being glad to get that money and have con conscience pangs about what taking that money says about their inner corruption.


Wonderfully said. Did you write this yourself? If so, you should go pro. Articles, books, etc. It is so sad that we know this stuff yet let it happen to us.


Sorry, I hadn’t read your post prior to posting my thoughts. Seems there is consensus.